1.Treating well-water into pure water: Well-water is pumped into the tank with a flow of 12m3/h, the standard concentration of 50000ppm Chlorine is sprayed simultaneously into the tank with a maximum flow of 2.4 liters/h so that the residual chlorine concentration in the tank does not exceed 10ppm in order to disinfect, dispose of the metal in the water. After the well-water is pre-treated in the tank, it will be pumped through the filters in order: multifunctional filter, activated carbon filter, softening in order to remove residue, moss suspended in water, reducing smell, remove residual chlorine, pollutants and soften water. Water after being treated with filter, will be kept pumping through a 0.001 micron RO membrane in order to remove dissolved solids and bacteria that are larger than membrane size. After passing the RO membrane will obtain pure water that can be used for eating and drinking  – Check the water quality.

2.Mixing into 0.9% brine solution: Pure water is pushed on the pipeline with flow of 3m3/h and simultaneously the 30% saline solution is pumped onto the pipeline at a flow of 93 liters/h in order to mix the 30% saline solution and pure water to become 0.9% brine solution and being contained in a semi-finished tank – Checking salt concentration.

3.Filling-packing-storing: 0.9% brine solution in the tank is pumped through a 1micron filter into an automatic cleaning-filling-capping bottle system with capacity up to 8000 bottles/h. PET bottles after being filled and capped, it will be labeled by the workers, then shrinked the label and printed expiry date by automatic machine and getting products accomplished. Products will be packed and stored by workers. Check the finished product. End the process.