8 Ways to Drink Coffee That’s Healthy Not Everyone Knows

Vietnamese coffee drinking habits are increasing. According to the recommendations from experts, the amount of coffee tolerated into the body every day if maintained in a sufficient dose with the right time will be very beneficial for health. Let’s refer to how to drink coffee properly in the following article, to get the healthiest coffee drinking habits.

uống cafe đúng cách
Drinking coffee properly has many health benefits.

1. There are some benefits of drinking coffee properly.

According to research from nutritionists, drinking coffee properly brings a number of benefits to human health. Accordingly, with more than 300 substances found in the composition of coffee, there are up to 100 substances that are antioxidant and protect the body. In addition, the amount of caffeine present in coffee also has the ability to stimulate nerves, reduce headaches and body fatigue.

In addition, drinking coffee properly also helps:

  • Prevent signs of aging.
  • Supports weight loss.
  • Get a relaxed, relaxed spirit, prevent depression.
  • Improve efficiency with physical exercise.
  • Reduce the risk of getting cancer.
  • Extended life.
  • Prevent getting diseases of the liver, about the eyes.
  • Stroke prevention.
uống cafe đúng cách nhất
Antioxidant coffee, effective headache relief

2 How to drink coffee in a healthy way

2.1 Choose a reasonable time to drink coffee.

The right way to drink coffee is to choose the right drinking time. What is the most reasonable time to drink coffee?

  • Drink coffee in the morning. 

    Studies have shown that drinking coffee in the morning will have a very good effect on constipation. In order for coffee to promote this effect, the right time to drink coffee is after you finish breakfast, in the time frame from 9:30 to 11:30.

    According to studies, this is the time when caffeine intake can peak during the day.

  • Drink coffee 30 minutes after breakfast.

    Coffee works very well in digestive activity, supporting the digestion of food better. According to reviews, drinking a cup of coffee 30 minutes after breakfast will help you achieve the maximum effect of this benefit.

    Besides, if you are an anemic patient, it is absolutely not recommended to take coffee too often, because it will have a negative effect on the ability to absorb iron inside the body.

  • Drink coffee before exercising.

    Very few people know about the benefits of coffee. Just drinking a cup of coffee about 30 minutes before exercising will aid in metabolic activity, help the calories burn more and prolong the training period.

cách uống cafe đúng cáchDrinking coffee before a workout improves your sports performance.In addition, if you can maintain this habit of drinking coffee regularly, you will see a change in the results of your exercise and sports with the time when you do not drink coffee before training.

2.2 Limit sharing with sugar and cream. A lot of people have the habit of drinking coffee with milk, ice cream, sugar … To reduce the bitterness of coffee. However, the way to drink coffee properly is to limit sharing with sugar, cream or milk. Because when we add sweetness to the coffee, it accidentally increases the amount of sugar in the blood. And this is the reason for the increase in the incidence of type 2 diabetes.

If you want to reduce with the bitterness of the coffee when enjoying, you can put in a glass some fresh cream without whipping cream separated from pure cow’s milk. Not only does this make the coffee taste better, but it’s also very healthy.

In addition, if you are tired of traditional black coffee but are afraid of excess calories when served with milk, cream or sugar, you can consider using SaltCoffee salt coffee of Dr. Salt.

It is a very convenient packaged coffee product when making. Besides, thanks to the sodium content in salt combined with caffeine will help you quickly get alert. Most of all with the combination of coffee beans, sugar, cream powder and salt, bringing a rich taste, adding salty taste to help you not feel bored. Check out the product here.

hướng dẫn cách uống cafe đúng cách
Salted coffee is both healthy and reduces boredom if you are tired of enjoying black coffee with ice cream

2.3 You should only drink a sufficient amount.

Many people have the habit of abusing coffee, drinking coffee at many times of the day, even when tired, need to be alert. Although it is known that coffee will help the spirit to be more excited and alert, if you drink a lot, it will be the cause of arrhythmias, headaches, insomnia …

Although drinking coffee is beneficial, only when drinking coffee properly will it promote the desired benefits. As recommended by a dietitian, every day we should only consume caffeine content of about 400mg to really benefit health.

2.4 Don’t drink when you’re stressed.

Coffee has the ability to act and stimulate the nervous system. If you are in a state of stress and use too much coffee, it can cause headaches, discomfort and make the stress of the body more serious.

Therefore, the right way to drink coffee is not to drink coffee in times of stress, instead adjust the schedule, rest properly to quickly regain balance for life.

uống cafe đúng cách tốt cho sức khỏe
When you’re stressed, don’t use coffee.

2.5 Limit the use of pre-ground coffee

Pre-ground coffee is now loved by many people because of the convenience it brings. However, there are many studies that have shown that the composition of ground coffee has a lot of free radicals and that is the cause of inflammation and oxidative stress.

Therefore, one of the recommended ways to drink coffee properly today is to limit the use of ground coffee, instead grind the beans at home.

2.6 Do not choose dark roasted coffee.

Another way to drink coffee properly is shared today, is not to choose dark roasted coffee. According to Dr. Rob van Dam, of The Department of Nutrition and Epidemiology of Harvard University (USA), the best coffee for health is ground coffee when freshly roasted and lightly colored.

In fact, each type of coffee has its own taste as well as its own benefits. For example, roasted coffee with a dark color contains high levels of melanoids, it will have a good effect in the prevention of cancer, high blood pressure and anti-inflammatory.

uống cafe đúng cách có tác dụng gìEvery type of coffee has different flavors and effects.Meanwhile, roasted coffee with a light color in the composition contains a lot of chlorogenic phenol acid, which has the effect of improving blood sugar levels. In particular, both of the above coffees have the same caffeine content and help prevent oxygen effectively.

2.7 Limit coffee in packaging

You may not know, but coffee is contained in the packaging as when we buy it, free radicals tend to increase due to the exposure to air is the cause of the reduced antioxidant components. When we drink coffee, the content of healthy oxidants absorbed will also be less.

To keep the best healthy ingredients in the coffee after buying coffee, store the coffee in a glass jar that is covered. In case, you buy large bags of coffee, divide and store them in 2-3 jars. This will reduce the number of times the coffee is exposed to the outside air.

 2.8 You should drink it all in a short period of time.

Many people spend a lot of time enjoying a cup of coffee. It takes a few hours, but it lasts an entire session. This is a habit that is not beneficial for health.

Drinking coffee for too long means that the acid content in coffee will also be increased. And that can be the cause of indigestion, heartburn or even tooth corrosion.

thưởng thức uống cafe đúng cáchEnjoy the coffee for a short period of time, about 20 minutes.

Besides, if coffee is outside the environment for a long time and exposed to a lot of air will also reduce the content of antioxidants that are beneficial to the body.

So the right way to drink coffee is that you can drink coffee for a period of 20 minutes. Just enough time to sip again and help the body to be provided with more antioxidants for the body.

Here are some tips on how to drink coffee properly to bring many health benefits. Hopefully you can apply, to maintain the healthiest coffee drinking habits.