What’s so special about Dr.Salt’s salt water?

Made from 100% natural sea salt with minerals such as: Ca, K, Mg good for teeth. Purified water  from deep groundwater sources has been treated through multi-stage deep filtration, deodorization, ion exchange, reverse osmosis filtration and ultraviolet sterilization on Italian and American Culligan equipment.

What is a Culligan device?

Culligan is the world’s leading provider of water treatment solutions with over 80 years of WQA certified experience.

Can I use salt water to rinse my mouth with salt water?

Okay. Salt water mouthwash Dr.Sal contains antibacterial agents to help clean, clean the oral cavity, tonsils. Protects teeth against gum disease.

How long should salt water gargle Dr.Salt?

Swallow it for about 30s – 60s and then spit it out. No need to rinse with plain water.

Can I use salt water to gargle Dr.Salt daily?

You can use salt water to gargle Dr.Mui daily after eating or after brushing your teeth. Avoid abuse or it will adversely affect tooth enamel.

Use salt water to gargle Dr. Salt helps sore throat?

For children and adults, using Dr.Salt salt water can help relieve sore throat. Remember to ask your child to spit out the liquid after gargling.

Does salt water gargle Dr.Salt whiten teeth?

Yes. Both help whiten teeth naturally and take care of gums (because the product contains natural antibacterial substances). Helps strengthen teeth.

How many types of saltwater mouthwash Dr.Muoi?

There are 2 types: Traditional Dr.Mui and Lemon Peel-flavored Dr.Muoi

What’s special about Dr.Salt with lemon peel flavor compared to traditional Dr.Muoi?

Both salt water mouthwashes are effective in preventing oral diseases. However, Dr. Salt with lemon peel flavor helps bring fresh breath for many hours. Besides, the essence of lemon peel is acidic and fluoride helps to whiten teeth.

Can I use salt water for Dr.Salt mouthwash for children?

It is possible, but Dr.Muoi recommends not to be used for children under 6 years old.

Should I substitute salt water for toothpaste?

Not recommended, although salt water mouthwash has a bactericidal effect, it cannot remove all the plaque and food left in between the teeth by brushing. At this time, salt water mouthwash plays an effective support for brushing teeth, helping to protect teeth and smelling fresh for many hours.

Purchasing methods at Dr.Muoi?

  • Delivery at the company
  • Delivery
  • Express or postal delivery

How long is the delivery time of Dr.Muoi salt water?

Within 2 – 5 days from order confirmation (only applicable in HCMC)

Payment method at Dr.Muoi?

Payment methods:

  • Cash payment (only applicable for orders in HCMC area)
  • Bank transfer

For customers in other provinces (except HCMC), please transfer via Sacombank

Account number: 0600.6684.0215. Account Name: New Vitality One Member Company Limited

Dr.Salt specializes in distributing to which units?

Dr.Muoi is most present at Vinmart stores and supermarkets. Besides, there are: Guardian, Bach Hoa Xanh, pharmacies nationwide,…