In order to protect the rights and interests of customers, New Vitality Co., Ltd. has developed a return policy that applies to trusted customers who buy products. Our products are as follows:

1. Return period

Customers after purchasing products at the company have the right to return within 07 days from the date of purchase directly at the showroom or receive goods via COD ship. Exchange/return of goods must be based on the list specified by the company.

2. Cases of return

New Vitality Co., Ltd only accept returns of goods in the following cases:

  • Product is still within the return period and warranty period
  • Products returned due to technical defects, arising from the manufacturer
  • Products returned due to damage during shipping or delivery
  • Product must be exactly as shown in purchase order
  • When returning the product, you must ensure that the product is still intact, intact, not deformed, dented, stamped broken and no sign of use
  • Provide invoice, proof of purchase or warranty card

3. Cases of non-refundable

We refuse to return products in the following cases:

  • Returned product has expired or expired warranty
  • Products included in a promotion 
  • Products returned for reasons of customer perception, subjective evaluation, not technical error or caused by transportation

4. Return method

Depending on each customer, we will apply the most suitable and convenient return method. Specifically:

  • For customers in HCMC area: You can bring the product directly to the showroom of Health One Member Co., Ltd. New Living – the place to buy goods for exchange 
  • For customers in other provinces/cities: When returning, please pack the product carefully and send to the correct showroom address purchased

5. Shipping costs

When returning, New Vitality Co., Ltd. will apply the following shipping costs:

  • For goods returned due to technical errors or errors arising during delivery, we will be responsible for Full cost incurred
  • In case the customer returns the product for objective reasons, the shipping cost will be borne by the customer. pay. How much the specific cost depends on the 3rd party charging. The return and exchange time will be counted from the time the customer requests and confirms with our customer service staff
  • Edit/cancel an order: In case a customer has placed an order, they still have the right to request to correct or cancel the order row. However, when you want to correct or cancel your order, please contact our customer service department for advice and information confirmation


Before purchasing at New Vitality Co., Ltd., please refer to our return policy to avoid arising situations, unnecessary disputes later.