Company Founding Story
According to statistics from health organizations, Vietnam is one of the countries with a very high rate of dental disease. Not only do people not know how to properly care for their teeth, but there are not many brands in our country that provide quality oral care products.

Moreover, as people who have worked in the medical and dental fields for many years, we understand better than anyone how oral diseases affect people. Not only is it unsightly, but it can also make patients often suffer from severe pain and complications later on.

Because of that, we hope that we can build a company specializing in providing quality mouthwash to help take better care of Vietnamese consumers’ teeth. And that is also the reason why on February 1, 2008, Vitality One Member Limited Liability Company was newly established and launched the Dr.Muoi brand.

However, not only stopping there, Dr.Muoi also wants to expand the business scale and products provided. We not only bring mouthwash but also provide a lot of other salt-based cosmetic products such as: Sea salt mineral spray, hand sanitizer solution, Dr.Muoi nasal spray, etc..

Company Mission
The mission that New Vitality Co., Ltd. carries on its shoulders is to increasingly help Dr.Salt brand develop through the method of providing products derived from 100% natural mineral salts, fully satisfying. strict standards in the cosmetic industry (CGMP).

Although this is a great mission, we will always try our best to complete it.

Company Vision
Right from the beginning of the intention to establish a company, we have clearly determined to make Dr.Muoi become the number 1 brand in the field of producing safe and quality salt-based cosmetics that are loved by everyone in the family. trust use. For example, salt water mouthwash and in the near future, Dr.Muoi will launch a product line “Salted coffee” with a unique flavor on the market.

Company Development Orientation
Dr.Muoi’s future orientation is to constantly research and produce cosmetic products derived from natural salt, meeting CGMP quality standards. At the same time, focus on promoting the Dr.Muoi branded mouthwash product line in Vietnam. Even in the future, it is possible to bring Dr.Muoi’s products to the world market.

Dr.Muoi is confident that with our relentless efforts along with our professional, serious and dedicated attitude, we can completely achieve the set goals.