Overview of Dr Muoi

Salt – “Salty diamonds” are essential ingredients for life and health. Since ancient times, salt plays a crucial role in human life in daily activities, eating and drinking, using as antisepsis, acne treatment, washing away dirt, exfoliating, firming skin,…

Specifying the value of original salt, Suc Song Moi Co., Ltd has launched the brand Dr Muoi with the goal of providing cosmetic products derived from natural, safe and healthy salt. We always aim for top quality product and meet stringent standard in the cosmetic industry (CGMP).

The current main products of Dr Muoi are original and lemon peel essence Dr. Muoi mouthwash

mục tiêu triết lý kinh doanh tại Dr Muối

Goal and business philosophy

Long-term goals: to become a leading brand in the cosmetic industry specializing in producing & supplying products derived from natural, safe and healthy salt.

Business philosophy: Our customers are our focus – Quality creates the brand.