How to distinguish 9 popular Italian coffees in Vietnam today

Coffee is a long-standing drink, bringing the cultural and culinary colors of each region. Known for producing a variety of coffees with excellent taste, Italian coffee brings coffee culture closer to consumers around the world.

Italian coffee has many different types, each with its own unique taste. How are Italian coffees distinguished? Let’s find out how to distinguish 9 popular Italian coffees in the article below!

cafe ý
Italian coffee with many different types and flavors.

1. Italian Espresso

Founded in 1884, espresso is the most popular and popular Italian coffee today. Espresso coffee is very strong, contains much higher caffeine content and concentrated amounts of coffee in Italian coffees. 

cafe ý được ưa chuống nhất
Espresso is the most popular coffee today.

Espresso in Italian means “Espress” (made quickly) – meaning fast-serving coffee, available to customers instantly. When visiting a café in Italy, just call “Give me a cup of coffee”, the staff will know the type of coffee you want to eat and bring out an espresso.

Espresso must be mixed with hot water, at high pressure. Normally, the coffee will be brewed with a separate blender, in the machine there is a twisted tube made of copper, when pumping water in, the water will be heated so fast that it is above 90 degrees (less than 100 degrees Celsius), the coffee is brewed through the pressure of pushing water flowing through the coffee powder has been ground and compressed tightly in a filter and then poured straight into the cup for 25-30 seconds. Once completed, on the surface of the coffee there is a yellowish-brown foam layer – called crema or crème, which is the standard used to evaluate the deliciousness of espresso cups.

cafe ý thơm ngonEspresso coffee is machined under high pressure.Not only unique in the way of brewing, Italian espresso is also unique in the way of enjoying. The coffee drinker holds a cup in one hand, one hand holds the plate, enjoys the aroma of the cup of coffee and drinks in 3-4 steams is out of cup. Pure espresso coffee has a delicious, rich taste, unforgettable taste. People who are not familiar with the bitter taste can add a little sugar to suit the taste.

Espresso is used to make other Italian coffees such as Cappuccino, Latte, Latte Macchiato, Mocha,…

2. Cafe Cappuccino

Among Italian coffees, cappuccino is the most popular Italian coffee in countries around the world, including Vietnam.

The main ingredients for this coffee are espresso, hot milk and milk foam in equal proportions, contained in porcelain or glass cups that have been heated before. Cappuccino is a name derived from the capuchin monks. It can be noticed that the brown color of the coffee is almost similar to the color of the robes of these monks.

cafe ý thơm ngon nhất
Cappuccino with plump milk foam and some cocoa powder on the surface.

Cappuccino is unique in the shape of the milk foam layer at the top of the coffee cup, from the shape of flowers, leaves to the shapes of human faces, interesting animations. Professional cappuccino makers are called Baristas, whose professionalism will be judged based on their milk foam-forming craftsmanship.

On the surface of the traditional cappuccino will be sprinkled with a little more cinnamon powder, or cocoa powder to enhance the taste and add aesthetics. For Italians, cappuccinos are usually only used in the morning with a few pastries, and must not be used beyond 11:00 p.m.

3. Latte Coffee – It has italian flavors.

Like cappuccino, another Italian coffee is made up of three ingredients: espresso, hot milk and milk foam, Latte Coffee. Because of the variety of ingredients, there is often confusion between these Italian coffees, but Latte has its own characteristics, different from Cappuccino.

Coffee Latte has a name derived from “Caffellatte”, which in Italian means “coffee and milk”. Compared to Cappuccino, Latte tastes less fatty due to the ratio of hot milk almost twice as much as milk foam instead of 1:1, which also makes lattes look less floaty but the attractive taste is still a resolute factor bringing Latte Coffee closer to many coffee lovers of all ages.

cafe Ý thơm ngon ít béo
Latte coffee has an attractive taste, is less fat and less “floaty” than Cappuccino

4. Latte Macchiato 

Latte Macchiato is hot coffee with extremely low caffeine content, the main ingredients of this drink are hot milk and espresso. A proper Italian Latte Macchiato coffee must be contained in a high glass glass, the coffee is separated into 3 floors with the bottom floor is hot milk, the middle floor is Espresso, the top is a thin layer of milk foam sprinkled with a little cocoa powder, cinnamon powder or chocolate.

các loại cafe ý
Standard Macchiato latte with 3 tiers of Hot Milk, Espresso and Milk Foam.

Macchiato lattes are usually enjoyed with cookies.

5. Mocha

Another coffee flavor that is popular with diners of all ages is Mocha coffee. More unique than Latte or Cappuccino, Mocha has the aromatic fatty taste of fresh cream and the characteristic taste of hot chocolate. Another point that makes Mocha popular with users is that the caffeine content is very low, users can comfortably enjoy without having to worry about insomnia due to caffeine.

các loại cafe thơm ngon nhất

6.  Americano Coffee

Bearing the name “very American”, Americano is an Italian coffee created by diluting espresso with twice the water content of traditional espresso. Retaining the taste of espresso but with a lower caffeine content, Americano must be the favorite drink of many diners.

các kiểu cafe Ý
Americano coffee with espresso flavor but lower caffeine content.

7.  Shakerato (Caffè Freddo) – summer symphony

In Italy, Shakerato is cold coffee served in the summer. To make Shakerato, the bartender will put 3 ingredients: Espresso, sugar, ice in the shake jar and shake and pour out the glass. The taste of coffee is both bitter, sweet, and cool must be a great drink for the hot summer sun. Perhaps that’s why people often refer to Shakerato’s Italian coffee as the “summer symphony.”

kiểu loại cà phê Ý
Shakerato – summer symphony

8. Corretto

Stranger than other Italian coffees, Italian corretto coffee is an interesting combination of coffee and wine. Corretto is prepared with a cup of espresso with a small amount of alcohol, usually grappa (sometimes sambuca or spirits). Another name for Corretto is “espresso corretto”.

kiểu cafe Ý thơm ngon
The perfect combination of coffee and wine.

9. Marocchino – Italian coffee is western European.

Like Shakerato, Corretto, Moroccanchino are italian cafes that are less popular in the Vietnamese market than cappuccinos, lattes,… However, their unique taste is undeniable. Moroccochino is an Italian café created in Alessandria. Moroccochino consists of a shot of espresso coffee, cocoa powder, milk foam and is served in small glasses. Hot cacao is added to Moroccochino in some parts of northern Italy. In Alba – Ferrero’s hometown, Nutella will be added to Moroccochino.

Kiểu loại cafe Ý

All nine types of coffee have the main ingredient is espresso, however, these Italian cafes have their own flavors. Not only Italian coffee, Vietnamese coffee is also diverse and delicious. If in Italian coffee, Corretto is the perfect combination of coffee and wine, then with Vietnamese coffee, SaltCoffee salt coffee is another great combination.

SaltCoffee is the first instant coffee with a combination of salt and coffee with 4 main ingredients: Vietnamese coffee, cream powder, sugar and salt. The salty taste of salt and the rich taste of coffee create a unique drink, awakening the taste buds. Manufactured in accordance with FDA and ISO standard procedures, SaltCoffee is now available in supermarket chains, grocery stores and e-commerce platforms.

loại cafe Ý vị muối
Salted coffee – Salty taste from nature

As a true “coffee connoisseur”, it is impossible to ignore these wonderful drinks. To enjoy this unique, Vietnamese salted coffee, choose SaltCoffee Dr. Salt!