How to prepare delicious salted coffee, Hue flavor at home

Coffee gradually becomes an indispensable drink for many people before starting a new day. Sipping a cup of coffee in the morning will help you stay awake and increase your ability to focus on work. If you are too tired of ordinary coffee, salted coffee will be the perfect choice.

Enjoying salted coffee is also immersing yourself in the feast of taste, where the flavors blend in a perfect way. If you are a busy person with work but still want to enjoy a strong cup of salted coffee. Please pocket the following simple but delicate way to make salted coffee from Dr. Salt.

cà phê muối
Famous salted coffee in Hue

1. What is salted coffee? Why is it called salt coffee?

The taste of salted coffee is said to have originated from a garden cafe on Nguyen Luong Bang Street in Hue. Until now, there is not too much information about the true origin of this coffee.

The nature of coffee is bitter, depending on the method of preparation or quality of coffee, the bitterness will have different concentrations, but certainly will not disappear. So when making coffee, we need to soften them with ingredients such as milk, sugar, cream or salt.

It is a fact that sodium – the main component of salt, has the ability to neutralize bitterness. This happens because the taste buds will respond more strongly to salty rather than bitter tastes. Therefore, using salt may be even more effective in masking the bitterness of coffee than sugar. In addition, it also increases the available strength of the coffee by one level.

cách pha cà phê muối
Salt neutralizes the bitterness of coffee

2.Instructions on how to make salted coffee
2.1 Preparation of ingredients

Recipe for standard salted coffee:

Aromatic roasted coffee: 3 tablespoons
Condensed milk: 1 teaspoon
Hot water

2.2 Tools

Tea filter

2.3 Steps to make salted coffee at home

Step 1: First, you need to rinse the coffee filter with boiling water to reduce the temperature difference when making coffee, and at the same time, the warm filter will make the coffee bloom evenly and bring a more delicious taste.
Step 2: Put roasted coffee (about 25g) into the container, then add a little salt on top. Keep the coffee powder balanced with a tray with a hook handle, firmly pressing the coffee in place. Then place the entire container and filter tray on top of the condensed milk cup.

công thức làm cà phê muối

Add salt on top of the coffee
Step 3: Boil water for about 30 seconds and pour about 30ml in a circle into the center. After 2 minutes, continue to add 60ml of boiling water to the filter, close the lid.
Step 4: Wait for the filter to run out of drops, then stir well and enjoy.

cafe muối
Can be enjoyed with fresh milk or condensed milk

3.Some notes when making delicious salted coffee


To get a delicious cup of salted coffee, you must choose pure coffee (not mixed with soybeans, corn, …). It is best to use roasted coffee beans.

The more perfect way to make salted coffee is to mix the ingredients together, then grind them in a blender until they’re completely combined. That will help the flavor get the balance between the saltiness of the salt and the bitterness of the traditional black coffee.

Preparation tools

The filter plays an important role to produce a delicious, standard cup of coffee. Aluminum coffee filter that is both safe and quick to prepare is the most suitable choice.

In addition, if you use black coffee, you should use boiled filtered water instead of mineral water to keep the original taste of this Hue coffee.

Ratio of ingredients

The salty taste of the salt resonates with the fatty aroma of the milk, which will balance the bitterness of the coffee, the richness that makes you “drunk” from the first time you enjoy it. So the ratio between these 3 ingredients is what determines the taste. You need to estimate the appropriate ratio, otherwise the salty taste will overwhelm the fat and aroma of the coffee.

cách làm cafe muối
Standard cup of salted coffee

4.Immerse yourself in salted coffee with SaltCoffee

You don’t have time to make your own salted coffee or are still unsuccessful with how to make salted coffee? Try SaltCoffee by Dr Muoi – the first 4in1 instant salt coffee in Vietnam. The familiar rich taste of milk coffee, added a little salty taste of salt, all mixed with an exclusive formula, guaranteed to bring you an explosive experience.

cafe muối salt coffee
SaltCoffee – Cà phê muối của Công ty TNHH MTV Sức Sống Mới

Salted coffee, the name that makes many people immediately think of the salty taste of the sea, but how clever it is to blend in with the aromatic coffee flavor. A cup of salted coffee is served very simply, with just a little fermented milk with salt, a traditional aluminum coffee filter. And then, you will be surprised by the extremely special flavor that is synthesized from these seemingly ordinary ingredients.

Saigon is too hasty, why not stop and immediately learn how to make salted coffee, blending with the quiet rhythm of life in the ancient capital.

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