List and distinguish 20 popular coffees popular in Vietnam and the world

Coffee is a favorite drink in Vietnam and many countries around the world. Coffee is available in a variety of flavors due to being grown and growing in different environments. So what kind of coffee there are in Vietnam and in the world, let’s find out in the following article.

các loại cafe được yêu thích
Coffee is a favorite drink in Vietnam and the world.

1. Coffee varieties are popular in Vietnam today

1.1 Arabica 

Arabica is one of the delicious coffees in Vietnam, growing and growing well in places with an altitude of over 600m such as Lam Dong land. Arabica coffee varieties come in the form of long grains, consisting of two types: Moka coffee and Catimor coffee.

While Moka coffee has a charming aroma and a slightly pale taste, Catimor coffee has a sour taste and a strong aroma. In Vietnam, Catimor coffee is grown more commonly. The coffee fruit after being harvested will be used for fermentation, washing and drying. Arabica will taste a bit sour at first but soon you will feel the bitterness.

các loại cafe phổ biến
Arabica coffee varieties come in the form of long seeds, which are cultivated in the land of Lam Dong

1.2 Culi 

Coffee Culi has a large round grain and a sleek appearance. The highlight of this coffee is that on the inside of the fruit there is only one seed. This is also the characteristic to distinguish other types of coffee from Culi coffee.

Coffee Culi has a black water color along with a bitter taste, but the more you enjoy it, the better it is with the aroma that radiates to captivate people.

1.3 Cherry 

When it comes to coffee in Vietnam, it is impossible not to mention cherry. Growing and developing well in places with sunny and windy weather conditions such as the Highlands, Cherry coffee beans are yellow and shiny looking very beautiful.

Cherry coffee consists of two main types: Liberian coffee and Exelsa coffee. When brewed, cherry coffee emits the occasional aroma and sour taste of cherry fruit. In particular, this type of coffee is very suitable for women because it both brings a sense of luxury and very popular.

các loại cafe bóng đẹp việt nam
Cherry coffee has a shiny color that looks very beautiful

1.4 Mocha (Moka) 

Mocha is the name of one of the Vietnamese coffees of the genus Arabica, which is widely cultivated in lam dong land. Mocha coffee is difficult to grow because it is very susceptible to pests, so it requires an extremely meticulous planting and care process. Therefore, Mocha coffee is very rare and the price is relatively high.

các loại cafe đắt tiền
Moka coffee belongs to the genus Arabica, which is difficult to grow, so it is rare and very expensive.

1.5 Robusta 

Robusta cafes in Vietnam are grown in places with an altitude of less than 600m. The seeds of this coffee are very small, smaller than Abrica beans.

A special feature of this Robusta coffee is that the seeds are dried directly, skipping the fermentation stage, so when enjoying will have a bitter and rich taste, suitable for gentlemen.

các loại cafe có kích thước nhỏ
Robusta coffee beans are extremely small in size.

2. Italian coffee is popular with Vietnamese people today.

2.1 Italian coffee – Espresso coffee 

As one of the most famous coffees worldwide, espresso coffee is also known as ice cream coffee. Espresso is brewed according to the principle of using hot water compressed under high pressure through finely ground coffee powder. With this concoction, espresso has a very rich taste, while creating a characteristic brown foam layer at the top.

Espresso is a concentrated coffee, and has a high amount of caffeine. People often drink espresso in thick glasses., there is a handle with a capacity of about 40ml.

Not only is it famous as one of the best coffees, how to enjoy espresso is also considered an art. To enjoy, one hand will hold the espresso, while the other holds the plate. Next, you will inhale the aroma of espresso and drink it in just 3-4 breaths. The whole process of enjoying is fast but very neat and elegant.

các loại cafe hương vị đậm đàEspresso has a rich taste.

Espresso coffee has a bitter taste, so if you are not used to it, you can add sugar. However, for coffee connoisseurs, it is necessary to enjoy pure espresso to feel the most standard of its rich taste.

2.2 Italy  Coffee – Cappuccino (Capuchino) 

Cappuccino is a very familiar name to the connoisseurs of coffee in the world. As a variant of latte coffee, a full cappuccino has three parts including espresso, hot milk along with milk foam and usually these 3 parts are divided equally.

From the moment it appeared, cappuccino was prepared with some hot chocolate combined with fresh cream. But from 1820 onwards, there was an extra layer of chocolate powder in the form of a small piece of chocolate powder on top of the fresh cream.

It is the name of one of the brewed coffees but in each different region there will be a different way of making cappuccinos. If in Italy, when mixing, you will use molds or spoons to stir the coffee skillfully during the sprinkling of powder to create art forms, in Germany, Cappuccino coffee will use condensed milk cream instead of using sparkling milk. In Austria, if you order a cappuccino, you will get a cup of coffee with milk cream accompanied by some cocoa powder.

các loại cafe thơm ngon
Cappuccino with espresso, hot milk and milk foam

2.3 Macchiato 

The meaning of the Italian word Macchiato is speckled, causing a lot of controversy about how to make this coffee. Some people when making Macchiato often add a few streaks of milk on the top of the surface, forming rippled lines that help the coffee cup become more beautiful and eye-catching. Others give a lot of milk when making macchiato.

các loại cafe nổi tiếng
Macchiato coffee is extremely popular and popular.

2.4 Cafe Latte 

It is one of the famous Italian coffees that is loved all over the world. However, many people do not distinguish between Latte and Cappuccino, because the composition of these two coffees has espresso, hot milk along with milk foam.

Actually, distinguishing these types of coffee is not difficult. Because cappuccino has a content of hot milk and milk foam is divided equally, while latte coffee is only 1/2 of the milk foam, so when you look at it, you will see cappuccino is much more floaty than Latte.

Besides, when enjoying, Cappuccino is usually placed in thick glasses and reheated. Lattes are usually placed in large glasses.

các loại cafe thơm nhất
Latte – Italian coffee is loved all over the world

2.5 Mocha 

Mocha coffee is very popular in Vietnam because it possesses the aromatic fatty taste of fresh cream combined with the greasy taste of hot chocolate. The highlight of this coffee is that thanks to the combination of coffee, ice cream and chocolate, so there is no heat in the body as well as no insomnia.

các loại cafe được việt nam yêu thích
Coffee is a favorite in Vietnam.

2.6 Americano coffee 

Among the names of famous Italian coffees, loved can not fail to mention Americano coffee. Americano is espresso coffee but is diluted with twice the water content.

There are many people who can’t drink espresso but love Americano because it has the taste of espresso and reduces the density and caffeine concentration.

các loại cafe được yêu chuộng
Americano is espresso but diluted in twice the amount.

3. The famous coffees “to try” in the world

3.1 Kopi Luwak 

As one of the famous rare coffees, Kopi Luwak coffee or also known as mink coffee is a very special coffee. The seeds of this type of coffee are then released by the tapir. They take this coffee bean and dry it and then process it.

Coffee beans have passed through the stomach of the incense tapir but still retain the quality of pure coffee beans. Just a little hard work, you can completely feel the taste of bubbly, the throne mixed with the smell of smoke and the taste of pure chocolate.

Of rare coffees, the price of mink coffee is quite high. 1kg of mink coffee fluctuates at 20 million Vietnam dong and the annual consumption is only about 200kg. In the world today, there are some countries producing mink coffee such as Vietnam, Indonesia,…

các loại cafe hiếm gặp
Kopi Luwak coffee is a rare coffee with high prices in the world today.

3.2 Blue Mountain Coffee 

Also on the list of delicious coffees among the most expensive in the world, Blue Mountain coffee originated in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. Blue Mountain Coffee is very smelly, especially it is very little sour but has a bit of sweetness. The price of Blue Mountain is quite high, 1kg fluctuates at $ 100.

các loại cafe thuộc hàng đắt đỏ
Blue Mountain Coffee is expensive.

3.3 Bourbon Coffee 

This is a sub-branch of coffee in the Arabica variety. Also a high-end coffee variety, however, the care process requires meticulousness and thoughtfulness because this variety of coffee is easy to encounter pests.

Among the coffees in the world, Bourbon Coffee is still a familiar coffee. Because its taste is very sweet and gentle. In particular, the acidity is also much lower than Typica and the aroma radiates very gently and seductively.

các loại cafe có hương vị ngọt ngào
The sweet taste can captivate anyone when it comes to bourbon coffee

3.4 Ethiopia 

Ethiopian coffee originated in tropical rainforests before they became an integral part of ethiopian culture and beliefs. Traditional studies have shown that coffee grown in the world now accounts for no more than 1% of the coffees currently present in Ethiopia.

các loại cafe có mùi thơmEthiopian coffee has a sweet fruit flavor and a gentle aroma

The grain shape of Ethiopian coffee is very balanced. In particular, they possess a sweet fruit scent that gives a gentle scent but is also very deep when enjoying.

3.5 Villasarchi 

A coffee variety bred from Bourbon coffee, Villasarchi coffee is found and thrives in the Sarchi Valley in the western region of Costa Rica.

Villasarchi coffee grows well in areas with high mountainous terrain. Branches of the plant usually grow obliquely from the stem at a 45-degree angle and disperse to an area of leaves that can surround the plant extremely balanced.

Since Villasarchi coffee is not suitable for chemical fertilizers, it is grown mainly in an organic way. The fruit of Villasarchi coffee is bright red but the taste has a combination of sour, bitter and sweet taste intertwined. When enjoying Villasarchi coffee is evaluated will bring a very strange feeling.

3.6 Typica 

The composition of Typica contains a large amount of malic acid so it will give the coffee a sour taste, like the sour taste that we feel in apples. Thanks to this special ingredient, combining sweetness contributes to giving Typica coffee a very balanced overall taste, which is one of the coffees in the world that is highly appreciated by coffee connoisseurs.

các loại cafe có hương vị ngonTypica coffee is highly appreciated by coffee connoisseurs around the world for its taste

Since its appearance, people still use Typica coffee as a quality scale, compared to other types of coffee. However, the position of Typica is no longer the same as before although the productivity of this coffee variety is still very high but accompanied by the possibility of large pests.

3.7 Geisha 

If you mention the names of the most expensive coffees in the world, it is impossible not to mention geisha coffee. This coffee variety especially needs a large amount of land to grow. According to statistics, 1 hectare of land can only grow about 1200 geisha coffee plants, while other coffee varieties can grow 8000 trees.

Geisha coffee beans are very firm and succulent. When brewing geisha coffee emits a slight aroma similar to the smell of blueberries when roasted combined with the smell of bergamot essential oil. And when you’re enjoying it, it tastes like Earl Grey when it’s broken. Because it is one of the famous coffees with expensive prices, many people want to have the opportunity to enjoy Geisha coffee.

3.8 Coffee Colombia 

Columbia has held the second position in terms of coffee production in the world for many consecutive years, behind only Brazil. Until 2000, Vietnam replaced Columbia and eight years later, the appearance of rust on the coffee tree caused Colombia’s position to be significantly reduced.

các loại cafe nguyên bảnColombian coffee with original flavor is made up of land, altitude, variety, harvested by the Colombian people

Currently, Columbia still holds the top 5 in terms of coffee products with original flavors made up of factors such as soil, altitude, varieties and how to harvest. And Colombians drink a lot of coffee, accounting for about 20% of total annual production.

  • The sodium present in salt is essential for regulating the blood as well as regulating fluids and transmitting electrical impulses inside the body, thanks to the combination of coffee and salt will make the substances inside the coffee better penetrated.
  • Sodium has the effect of supporting the transmission of nerve impulses, combined with coffee will help to achieve a state of alertness quickly.
  • For patients with a medical condition of low blood pressure, at any time feeling dizzy, it is entirely possible to use a cup of salted coffee as a solution.
các loại cafe muối ngon
Salted coffee is also very popular because of its novelty and good for health.

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