Salt water 1.5% Dr Muoi

  1. What is fine salt water ?

  • The superior salt water is a saline solution mixed with a pure NaCl / distilled water ratio higher than 0.9%. The higher the concentration of NaCl, the more favorable the solution.
  • 1.5% preferential salt water is water solution with NaCl with a phase rate of 1.5%.
  1. What are the advantages of 1.5% salt water ?
  • Salt water can kill disease-causing bacteria that have a cellular structure thanks to the “water withdrawal” mechanism of these cells, making them “atrophy” inactivated.
  • Based on the above information, the 1.5% preferential salt water SHRM is a very important step that needs to be taken by each individual simultaneously: 3 times a day to help the mechanism of virus prevention.
  1. How 1.5% recommended salt is used ?
  • Gargle: When rinsing, it is necessary to let the saline solution down to the deepest throat area, not just in the upper oral cavity. Do it three times at a time. In the process, the force of the disturbed brine stream separates the newly intruding viruses from the surface of the throat, eliminating them from the body.
  • Best use is before going out and immediately after going home, before bed, or immediately after close contact with others.
  • Each time you use a water of about 05ml -10ml to bring down the deepest area of the throat that you can tolerate, use a steam to push the salt water out to form a regular “wheeze” cry for at least 15 seconds then spit out.
  • Repeat the movement 3 times with new salt water then rinse your mouth with clean water
  • Use regularly but not abused.
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