Dr. Muoi is honored to be the top 10 brands in Vietnam 2021

???? AWARD AND MISSION – Dr. Salt is honored to win the title of top 10 leading brands in Vietnam 2021. With dedication and enthusiasm, always constantly develop and contribute products branded Vietnamese – natural origin – quality reputation.
On December 25th, 2021, Dr. Salt was honored to receive the title of “Vietnam’s Leading Brand 2021”- an award honoring Vietnamese organizations and brands that receive positive support from consumers, always strive to overcome difficulties to make positive contributions to the economy, serving the community. This prestigious award is a great spiritual gift for Dr. Salt brand, which is a driving force for our company to make efforts to research, explore and learn more to bring products with “MIND and STATURE” to Vietnamese consumers and reach out to the world.
✅ Dr. Salt mouthwash – The clean taste of Nature is the best choice for health:
Made from 100% natural sea salt containing natural minerals: Ca, K, Mg …
✅ Remove bacteria, clean the oral cavity to help prevent sore throat and get rid of bad breath
✅ Completely pure with water flow taken from strictly treated groundwater circuits
✅ Uv sterilization on Culligan equipment from Italy and the US Moreover, Dr. Salt gargling salt water also has 3 easy-to-use flavors:
???? Pure traditional incense
???? Cool lemon peel flavor
???? Warm ginger flavor
“ Prevention rather than cure” – beware of pathogens, rinse your throat regularly with Dr. Salt is a simple but effective preventive and health protection measure!
#Dr_Muối – Protect yourself and your family through the season.
✅ Dr. Salt is currently sold at supermarkets: Vinmart+, Bach Hoa Xanh, B’s mart, FamilyMart, Coop mart, Lotte, Medicare, Guardian, Aeon, Citi Mart, Long Chau System … And pharmacies across the country.