Many people think that regularly rinsing the throat, washing the nose with salt water can prevent infection. However, health experts say there is no evidence that frequent nasal drops and throat removals with salt water will protect you against or cure covid-19-induced illness.

What’s the point of gargling with salt water? Is it good?

According to many scientific studies, rinsing the throat with salt water daily can help reduce the risk of respiratory infections, support a slight sore throat, reduce sore throat, reduce throat burning, balance the pH state of the mucous membranes and mucus layers on the surface of the throat mucosa. As well as being very good for the care of oral health, thanks to the alkalizing effect, salt water increases the pH in the mouth, helping to prevent the proliferation of bacteria.

Many people think that the saltier the throat salt water, the higher the antiseptic, antiseptic will be, so they have mixed very salty salt water to rinse the mouth daily. However, this accidentally causes damage to the lining of the throat area, causing the throat to dry out, even scratches, bleeding in the throat area, more dangerous.You should only rinse your throat three times a day. Regular throat gargling with physiological saline, preferably with chlorhexidine gluconate solution, is an enemy solution recommended by WHO and doctors to use in mouthwash to kill the virus.

Salt water throat rinse protects you from COVID-19?

Many people believe that just rinsing your throat with salt water, or small nose with salt water, can prevent COVID-19. However, health experts say, there is no evidence that frequent nasal drops, throat removal with salt water and water will protect you against or cure the disease caused by COVID-19.

Before SARS-CoV-2 virus enters the lungs and causes dangerous complications, it must pass through the nose, mouth, and proliferate in the pharynx area. After a period of incubation, the new virus moves down the lower respiratory tract of the lungs, bronchi. Therefore, if you protect this first “checkpoint” well by gargling, gargling the throat to disinfect, it will help to support the prevention of the disease better.

Some types of saline (or NaCL solution) are commonly used, which need to be recognized and classified as follows:

Physiological saline: is a saline solution prepared with a pure NaCL/distilled water ratio of 0.9%. That’s 1 liter of distilled water with 9g of pure sodium chloride. It is recommended to choose a reputable brand to use on a daily basis.

Superior saline: is a saline solution with a purity naCL/distilled water ratio higher than 0.9%. The higher the concentration of NaCL, the stronger the favorability. Some water experts in European countries have research showing that at higher salt levels (1.5%) is an unfavorable environment, inhibiting approximately 100% of coronaviruses and many other types of viral inflammatory diseases. But there should be an opinion of the doctors before using it.

Brine: is a saline solution with a pure NaCL/distilled water ratio lower than 0.9%. The much lower the concentration of NaCL, the more debilitating the solution. This type is often used to wash the nose when runny nose, stuffy nose, or attack the nose, throat … It can be used for children.

Homemade salt water: mixing water with clean salt (grain salt, refined salt …) at home is difficult to quantify how much is enough, too salty is not good for health and also harmful to the pharynx area and not good for people with hypertension, kidney disease; Too light will have little antiseptic effect and neutralize pH.

Rinse your throat, not just rinse your mouth.

Mouthwashing is very familiar to many people. However, gargles are not heard by everyone and are not really popular. This leads to confusion between gargling and gargles that can cause many health problems.

Gargling is completely different from gargling in terms of how, purpose, benefits

Gargling is the use of a solution in the oral cavity to clean parts of the oral cavity such as teeth, gums, tongue, inner cheeks, reducing the formation of dental plaque and gum diseases such as periodontal, mouth ulcers, cavities …

Gargles are excellent measures to help quickly reduce symptoms, coordinate to enhance the effectiveness of treatment of upper respiratory pathologies from the area of the throat, tonsils, larynx to prevent invasion of the phosphate to the lower respiratory tract and cause the risk of complications.

Use about 5ml of salt water and let the solution down to the deepest throat area that you can tolerate. Each time about 2 minutes, including 3 times put down the throat, each time about 15 seconds, for the active ingredients to work. It should not be left for a long time, mouthwash will cause bad effects on the oral mucosa. Use regularly but not abused.

Health experts also point out that more than 80% of throat infections are caused by viruses. Therefore, to destroy the agent that causes inflammation, pathogens and avoid infection should use a specialized antiseptic solution (throat rinse or throat spray).

Don’t forget to follow the 5K principle, wear a mask, wash your hands regularly, diet and exercise to improve resistance… to be able to prevent the best disease, protect yourself to join hands to fight the pandemic!