Salt water to support against Covid

So what is fine salt water? 

Superior salt water: saline solution has a higher ratio of pure NaCl / distilled water than 0.9%. The higher the concentration of NaCl, the more favorable the solution. The 1.5% preferred salt water is a water solution with salt with a 1.5% phase rate.

Applying 1.5% saline to COVID-19 prevention is a scientifically grounded approach. With available raw materials and a simple process, this is definitely a cheap practice, helping each citizen to effectively self-medicate. At the same time, combined with the strict implementation of masking and hand sanitizer, this solution is also easy to expand in crowded units and agencies, helping to maintain human resources, business activities – production overcome the pandemic.

In the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 in our country over the past time, there have been valuable experiences in combining modern medicine and traditional medicine. Typically, the daily use of light salt water to support cross-contamination in Bac Giang has helped improve the effectiveness of disease prevention. The Government Portal introduces the article of Dr. Nguyen Thanh Dong, a scientist working at uniCre Center, Czech Republic, on the scientific basis and use of salt water in supporting COVID-19 prevention.

Some basic information about covid-19 and approach to resolution

Vaccines are the basic solution that will thoroughly solve the COVID-19 pandemic, but while waiting and implementing vaccines, preventing and minimizing the number of people infected will help stabilize society and minimize negative impacts on Vietnam’s economy.

If sars-CoV-2 (COVID-19) infection in the community is considered as a chain of links that each individual is a link, to effectively control the epidemic, the fact that each individual successfully protects himself, does not turn himself into a source of transmission is also contributing to protecting the whole community.

Due to the constantly changing virus and the appearance of many variations, if you focus on detailed analysis without time to come up with an effective solution will not achieve the ultimate goal of preventing and controlling the epidemic. So, in such cases, it makes sense for us to use a general approach to solving the problem. On the basis of abstracting COVID-19 objects, retain only their basic characteristics, find weaknesses, and come up with effective solutions. With the help of state-of-the-art biochemical analysis and in-vitro research, information on the underlying properties of COVID-19 has been provided, underpinning the approach to solving the above problem. To date, there are many questions about COVID-19 that scientists are continuing to study. However, a review of a large number of the latest scientific publications can draw some key points about COVID-19, briefly as follows: “Although contagious, only small changes in shells and spines by common chemical or physical agents can neutralize COVID-19.”

The nose and throat are the main routes of infection of COVID-19

It can be seen that the Nose-Throat is the main route of infection because it is the place to receive and spread for the virus to penetrate deep into the body. In fact, testing in epidemic regions around the world shows that the load of COVID-19 virus in the noses of newly infected patients is always higher than the throat.

A rule that is always true when dealing with pollution/infection is to “reduce the load as quickly as possible”. This is to reduce the number of viral load viruses to a certain extent, surely the viruses will not be able to “strong enough” to reach the attacking cells that receive, activate and heal the body.

Therefore, in order to stop the spread of COVID-19 on a large scale before there is enough vaccine, the implementation of measures for each individual to clean both the nose and throat daily with salt water or other antiseptic solutions will be an important point contributing to solving the problem.

Saline application solution 1.5%

Salt water can kill disease-causing bacteria that have a cellular structure thanks to the “water withdrawal” mechanism of these cells, making them “atrophy” inactivated.

Recent research results (2018-2021) have shown that salt water has more effect than that. The authors of S. Ramalingam, published in the prestigious journal Nature, have clearly demonstrated that when we actively provide the cells of the susceptible area of the nose and throat with a large amount of salt by “small, washing, rinsing” regularly salt water, the regional cells exposed to salt will receive an additional amount of NaCl salt outside. Then, thanks to the biochemical mechanism of each cell, cl- ions will combine with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and convert into intracellular HOCl, the composition of the bactericidal Javen, which has very strong oxidizing properties against DNA, the RNA of shelled and shellless viruses. With a broad-spectrum virus killing mechanism based on the strong oxidation of HOCl, new strains of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and variants will also be disabled by the same mechanism. This mechanism can turn a normal cell into a cell that is naturally immune to COVID-19 intrusion.

Gargle nosewashing (SHRM) with 1.5% elite salt water not only creates an unfavorable environment, inhibits the activity of covid-19 stay, but also increases the secretion of mucus that thickens this layer, prevents the virus from reaching the receiving cells and gets rid of them out with the mucus of the nose, throat.

Based on the above information, the 1.5% preferential saline SHRM is a very important step that should be taken simultaneously by each individual: 3 times a day and continuously until fully vaccinated.

Rinse your throat and wash your nose at least 3 times a day: morning, noon, evening (before coming home from work). Gargle: When rinsing, it is necessary to let the saline solution down to the deepest throat area, not just in the upper oral cavity. Do it three times at a time. In the process, the force of the disturbed brine stream separates the newly intruding viruses from the surface of the throat, eliminating them from the body. Rinse your throat and wash your nose at least 3 times a day: morning, noon, evening (before coming home from work).

Nasal wash: A 1.5% salt solution can be used to reduce the nose, gently squeeze the sides of the nasal wings and then spread out the paper or personal towel immediately. Repeat the small thing – blow the nose 3 times at a time. Towels or paper should be removed in the right place.

In order to deploy quickly and ensure, it is possible to propose to pharmaceutical companies in the country to produce simultaneously, cheap saline products 1.5% specialized for nasal washing put on the market so that all people and agencies can equip themselves.

Some related Q&A

  1. Is the salt concentration of 1.5% high and causes damage to the nose and throat ?

This concentration is well suited just enough to inhibit COVID-19, ensuring long-term use without side effects. As we know, the average salt concentration of seawater is 3.5%. Pharmaceutical companies around the world have long commercialized NaCl saline products with concentrations ranging from 0.9% to 3%.So the concentration of 1.5% is in this range and is a safe concentration, which can be safe to use. There are some European products, the US also uses a concentration of up to 7%. Therefore, the concentration quota is not too strict in this case, can be flexible in a wide safety range. People can mix themselves on the spot to use immediately with the method of: 1 liter of water mixed with 15 g of salt (equivalent to 1 tablespoon of salt caphe full of salt mixed in 1 liter of clean water). This solution is commonly used for gargles and nasal washing. Each unit, businesses can apply salt water with a larger volume to use for all employees in their unit (e.g., 3 tablespoons of salt + 20 liters of clean water, or larger than 1.5kg / 100 liters). Each person should wash their nose and throat 3 times a day, especially before coming home from work.

  1. Does this salt make sure it’s hygienic ?

The above method uses clean drinking water (filtered or boiled sterilized). The containers are carefully washed. The salt used is fine salt that has removed impurities. The saline tank will be closed, locked in case of contamination of impurities.

The above salt water used for the nose and throat are two locations whose mucous membranes are not as sensitive as in the eyes so it is very safe. With the above concentration and the right hygiene surely this solution does not cause side effects.

  1. Can the 1.5% salt water dispensing and distribution be difficult to deploy at the facility?

If we have a good way of organizing the implementation, the above solution will be completely feasible. If necessary, pilots can be implemented in a few small factories (100-200 workers) to learn from the experience, then deploy widely.
The mixing of salt water in large volumes will use a large amount of salt, so it is easy to use the usual scales, without the need for “electronic cups” as brewed for individuals. In each unit, it is possible to assign health or alimony staff in charge of regular deployment.

For example, a military plant/unit can prepare 100-liter clean water plastic containers, pour 1.5 pounds of fine salt, stir well, divide into 20-liter jars for employees to use. Each user 2 days ran out of 1 bottle of 0.5 liters.