The Ministry of Health recommends: Habits that need to be changed to fight Covid

On April 20, 2020, the Ministry of Health – Health & Life Newspaper officially launched to the people 2 viral video clips with the propaganda content recommended by the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control. about 5 things to do well and 7 habits to change during the epidemic season.

1. 7 habits to change to prevent Covid

  • Before they met, they shook hands and greeted each other. Now, when we meet, we don’t rush and shake hands.
  • Before or unconsciously put your hand to your face. Now don’t put your hands on your eyes, nose, mouth.
  • Before coming home is to swoop on relatives. Now you need to change clothes and take a shower.
  • Brushing your teeth before eating is enough. Now add a gargle with salt water or an antiseptic solution.
  • Before or meeting. Now, I don’t invite guests to my house, but I also don’t go to other people’s houses.
  • Before getting sick, go to the hospital right away. Now call in advance to the medical staff for advice.
  • Be self-aware, remind each other to comply with regulations and recommendations for epidemic prevention.

Video source from the Ministry of Health’s Website

2.10 tips to prevent Covid

The Ministry of Health recommends that people do not invite guests to their homes, do not go to other people’s houses, do not go to medical facilities if it is not an emergency. Here are 10 recommendations of the Ministry of Health on disease prevention, dated 4/4.

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10 recommendations of the Ministry of Health