What does salted coffee do? Do you know the “secret possibility” of salted coffee?

In recent years, receiving a lot of attention from domestic and foreign diners, salted coffee is gradually becoming a popular drink. The question is, in addition to the unique taste, what effect does salted coffee have that is so famous? Let’s find out with Dr. Salt!

cà phê muối có tác dụng gì
Cà phê muối mang đến trải nghiệm “yêu” mặn nồng

1. The “secret” story of quality.

Coffee contains high levels of antioxidants, which help prevent cancer and disease, bringing the spirit of alertness and refreshment. In addition, the smooth muscles of the body such as the stomach, intestines, uterus, blood vessels,… It is also relaxing under the influence of pure coffee.

Besides the above usual effects, the ability to stimulate central nervous excitement from caffeine present in coffee is no longer so strange.

Scientific studies prove that an appropriate amount of coffee per day has a positive impact on sexual activity. A regular coffee user will have a higher demand for bedding due to the effect of increasing the sensitivity of coffee, leading to stimulating desire.

uống cà phê muối có tác dụng gì
Coffee and “secret” quality.

2. How does caffeine work for “seed transmission”?

Answering the question of what salted coffee does in bedding, research and practice show that the effect when adding salt to coffee, this combination will help to prolong the “battle” for men. According to statistics, the rate of impotence of people who have a habit of drinking coffee is also less than the average figure.

A team of students in Brazil conducted a study of 750 men, which found that coffee use had an impact on the quality of sperm they produced — coffee drinkers who regularly had more sperm and were stronger than those who didn’t. In addition, drinking salted coffee also improves the active condition in men.

cà phê pha muối có tác dụng gì
Salted coffee has the effect of prolonging the time for men

3. It works for women.

In many places, women drink very little coffee because they think it’s unhealthy. In contrast to that, using coffee in the right amount brings many positive effects to the body such as: increasing concentration, reducing stress, especially helping to secrete Adrenaline to reduce the amount of fat the body absorbs.

In addition to antioxidant active ingredients, coffee also contains B vitamins such as B2, B3, B5,… it has a beauty effect, keeping the skin always smooth and bright.

So what does drinking salted coffee do to women in the “secret” thing? Salted coffee not only affects men but also works for women. Salted coffee has the effect of stimulating and increasing endurance, women who drink coffee have more excitement and are easier to accept the “secret” story.

cà phê muối có tác dụng gì tới phụ nữ
Coffee has many positive effects for women.

4. Coffee with a new taste.

Present for more than 10 years, salted coffee has affirmed its place in the hearts of diners. Many people liken it to a kind of “addictive substance” because just enjoy it once, will want to come back to enjoy it again and again…

Love is bitter, spicy, sweet, bubbly, so does coffee, the harmony between the salty taste of salt and the bitter taste of coffee creates a taste that is strange, sweet, a little fat, fragrant on the tip of the tongue, spreading throughout the mind – an unmistakable taste.

tác dụng của cà phê pha muốiSalted coffee – a unique drink, which is both strange and familiar.Whether salted coffee only works on the body or salted coffee has a different effect than the whole mind, but it is memorable for anyone who tastes it for the first time.

5. When should I drink salted coffee?

Doctors recommend that salted coffee in the morning is best, especially for people with low blood pressure. Specifically, you should drink salted coffee on an empty stomach and before exercising, while providing energy to keep the spirit refreshed. Maintaining each day will help to stabilize blood pressure significantly.

It can be seen that salted coffee not only brings mental benefits, solutions for low blood pressure but also is the key to “secret” problems. Today, the demand for instant coffee products is increasingly popular, and salted coffee is no exception.

SaltCoffe is the first instant salt coffee product in Vietnam, which is the quintessential 4-in-1 combination of coffee, salt, sugar and cream powder. Carefully manufactured according to FDA and ISO processes, SaltCoffee is now available in supermarkets, grocery stores nationwide and e-commerce platforms.

tác dụng của cà phê muốiSalt Coffee Instant SaltCoffeeIf you still have any questions about the question “What is the use of salted coffee?”, please contact New Vitality Co., Ltd. to find the answer!

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