Coffee Story Salt – The taste of love in a cup of coffee

In a love story, everyone has to go through many levels of emotions, from sweet and salty to bitter and painful. A love story is almost like a cup of salted coffee, bringing an unforgettable feeling once experienced. That is why many people have inspired many people to create new coffee recipes, inspired by the story of salted coffee. A story containing the so-called true love that two people have for each other.

câu chuyện về cà phê muối
Salted Coffee – Sweet taste of love

1. The story of salt coffee

Salted coffee is a drink that is both familiar and strange, but few people know that behind that cup of coffee is a warm love anecdote. Surely, lying will not be respected by others. But in the story of the salted coffee, it is greatly appreciated when the boy used his whole life to make a lie for the girl he loves.

The two met for the first time at a party. At that time, the girl was very beautiful, young, and noticed by many people, and he was just a college student. At the end of the party, the fate of heaven pushed, the two had the opportunity to drink coffee together in a very shy mood.

The love story that seemed only in a fairy tale begins when he explains why he adds salt to his coffee instead of sugar or milk. He said that he misses home very much, misses the taste of the sea that is both acrid and salty. It was this that made her empathize and moved, she thought that he must be a person with a high responsibility to miss his hometown and family. Since then, the strange distance that was strange before has now narrowed. Not long after that, they lived a happy life together.

câu chuyện ly cà phê muối
“Go for a coffee!” can be seen as the beginning of a relationship

Over the past forty years, they have had many beautiful memories together, going through many ups and downs of life together. Their love never changes, no matter how difficult life is, forever together. When he died, the secret of that year’s lie was revealed through a letter left to his wife:

“Dear baby, please forgive me for lying to you for over forty years. That was the only lie – about the salted coffee. Do you remember the first time I invited you for coffee? At that time he was too worried, he wanted to ask for some sugar, but he mistakenly said salt. I was also too embarrassed to change, had to continue to put salt in my coffee and make up stories about my childhood by the sea to talk to you. In fact, he has never added salt to coffee to drink. Those words made him drink salted coffee all his life. I tried to tell you the truth many times, but then I was afraid that you would not forgive me. And he promised himself he would never lie again, to redeem the original lie. He was determined to spend the rest of his life implementing that lie.

However, I am no longer afraid of anything, because I have to go, the person who dies in the end is still easier to be forgiven by others, right?

Meeting you in this life is the greatest happiness in my life, if there is a next life, I still want to marry you, even if I have to drink a few more years of salted coffee, it doesn’t matter. Just to be honest, coffee with added salt is really hard to drink. Coffee with salt added, how could you have come up with such a thing?”

The content of the letter made the wife extremely surprised, she thought of his lie, involuntarily unable to hold back tears and told him: “I am the happiest woman in this world, because someone could use their whole life to make a lie for you!”.

The story of salted coffee ends, leaving many thoughts and emotions lingering for the reader. Really, lying isn’t always a bad thing.

saltcoffee cảm hứng từ câu chuyện cà phê muối
SaltCoffee – Inspired by the story of salted coffee

Through the story of this salted coffee, Dr.Muoi – a brand specializing in providing products made from natural sea salt decided to look for a recipe to create salted coffee called SaltCoffee 4 in 1 with aromatic flavor. more delicious, richer and also more salty, more impressive.

2. Dr.Muối Salt Coffee – SaltCoffee has a “familiar but strange” taste

The cups of iced black coffee or instant coffee you used to enjoy no longer bring a sense of excitement and novelty. So why not try Dr.Muoi’s SaltCoffee salt. This is a 4-in-1 instant coffee extracted from 100% of Vietnamese coffee beans grown in the Central Highlands provinces – the paradise of coffee beans. In addition, in salted coffee, there are also sugar, cream powder and of course indispensable natural sea salt.

câu chuyện cà phê muốiInstant salt coffee 4in1

Therefore, when enjoying a cup of SaltCoffee salt, you will feel both “familiar and strange”. It is familiar that the coffee taste is a bit bitter but passionate, the aroma spreads to make you more alert, but strangely, the salty taste of sea salt.

Moreover, the combination of coffee and natural sea salt also brings many great health benefits such as:

  • Sea salt is likened to “sea diamonds”, a gift that nature bestows on humans. In sea salt there is a natural component of sodium, which is an important electrolyte for the body, which exists in the form of ions. Adequate sodium supplementation helps regulate blood and regulate fluids, transmit electrical impulses to the body
  • The sodium in sea salt can also support nerve impulse conduction, helping users to quickly wake up to continue working than when drinking pure coffee.
  • Coffee is likened to “black pearls”, if used in moderation, can bring many health benefits such as: Anti-oxidant, preventing aging process, reducing the risk of diseases dangerous as cancer, especially liver cancer and cervical cancer, helps to lift spirits, bring alertness, limit the risk of depression, etc.
  • Dr.Muoi’s SaltCoffee Salt is recommended by health experts when you have low blood pressure
    SaltCoffee is produced according to modern processes, meeting FDA and ISO standards, ensuring safety for users.

It can be said that the birth of SaltCoffee – Dr.Muoi has created a new turning point in the coffee market, and at the same time gives consumers more choices. In particular, the price of SaltCoffee Dr.Muoi compared to other types of coffee on the market is extremely reasonable, in line with the economic ability of Vietnamese people.

truyện cà phê muối
It’s not just coffee, it’s also a taste of love.

The story of salted coffee has a bad ending, but it proves that true love always exists. Moreover, this is also part of the inspiration for Dr.Muoi to launch SaltCoffee, a drink that helps you get emotional and brings many health benefits. So try now SaltCoffee’s Dr.Muối .

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