5 effective ways to treat itchy gums at home

Itchy gums often make patients feel extremely uncomfortable. Anywhere can be a sign of dental diseases that, if not treated in time, will greatly affect health. Let’s learn about 5 ways to treat itchy gums in this article.


1. What causes you to have itchy roots?

ngứa chân răngThere are many causes of itchy gums

Some of the common causes of itchy gums are:

Gum Injury

When your teeth are traumatized, it can cause itchy roots. This injury will not differentiate between external or internal force. Besides, electronic cigarettes are also one of the causes that few people know about.

Plaque on teeth

Leftovers or plaque appearing on the teeth will most likely lead to disease. Some of the specific symptoms that indicate that your gums are accumulating a lot of plaque is when you see sensitive gums and bleeding during brushing. Accompanied by the symptoms of itchy teeth.


Itchy gums is the first stage of gingivitis. However, it is only a mild condition and does not lead to too many complications.

bị ngứa chân răngGingivitis can cause itchy gums

Many people will experience itchy gums if they are allergic to certain foods or are allergic to pet dander. Even seasonal allergies can cause this phenomenon.

Hormonal changes

The change in hormone levels inside the body partly causes the phenomenon of itchy gums. People who experience this problem are usually pregnant women, women who are menstruating, or children going through puberty. In addition to itchy roots, there may also be other symptoms such as pain or bleeding.


Normally, your mouth will be able to regulate humidity on its own. However, it may not produce enough saliva to moisten the gums and tongue in case you have health related problems. This condition is a symptom of dry mouth and it will most likely lead to itchy roots.


There are some people who have lost teeth and wear dentures but do not fit the jaw, leading to the phenomenon of itchy roots. If the dentures do not fit properly, food will most likely get trapped, allowing bacteria to thrive, making the teeth more sensitive.

2. How to effectively treat itchy gums at home

What to do if you have an itchy tooth root? There are many home remedies for itchy gums. Here are some of the methods that many people choose:

Cure itchy gums with salt water

It can be said that one of the simplest and most effective methods to treat itchy roots is to gargle with salt water. Salt water will help eliminate bacteria and help your oral cavity become cleaner.

chữa ngứa chân răng bằng nước muốiGargle with salt water Dr.Salt effectively cures toothache

Dr.Muoi’s brine products are currently being trusted by many fish. Made from natural sea salt with minerals good for the oral cavity. Besides, salt water is also treated by the same strict water purification process from Italy and the US, so customers can rest assured when choosing.

Treat itchy teeth with honey

chữa ngứa chân răng bằng mật ongHoney has excellent antibacterial propertiesThe main effect of honey is good antibacterial. At the same time, it also has a sweet taste, so it is easy to use and effective in treating inflammation and itching of the roots.

You just need to take a little honey and apply it to the roots of your teeth or the itchy gums after you have cleaned your teeth. Only apply honey on the inside of the gums instead of on the teeth

Cure itchy roots with tea bags

Tea contains tannic acid, which has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. You just need to take a tea bag steeped in a glass of hot water, then let it cool and apply this tea bag to the inflamed gum area.

Treatment of itchy roots with lemon

Chữa ngứa chân răng bằng chanhUse lemon to treat itchy gumsLemon is a material that brings extremely good antibacterial effects. Therefore, you can use paintings to treat an infection or an itchy tooth root. Besides, the composition of lemon also contains Vitamin C to strengthen the body’s resistance.

This method is quite simple to use. You just need to squeeze lemon juice with a little salt, then apply this mixture on your teeth for a few minutes and gargle the brick. Use 2 to 3 times a day to see noticeable results.

Cure itchy gums with garlic

chữa ngứa chân răng bằng tỏiGarlic is a folk remedy for itching and antibacterial treatmentSurely during the recent Covid epidemic, everyone knew the effects of garlic. The main use of garlic is to repel inflammation and itchiness and antibacterial. Take a clove of garlic, then crush it and use a little salt to apply it on the itchy tooth.

3. Serious mistakes when having itchy roots

Here are some extremely serious mistakes for people with itchy gums that greatly affect their health:

viêm nướu ngứa chân răng
When you have an itchy tooth root, you need to go to the dentist immediately
  • Do not go to the dentist immediately after showing signs
  • Do not seek treatment, but let the phenomenon last forever.
  • Treat yourself by grinding your teeth to relieve itching. This method erodes tooth enamel and leaves an effect that is gingivitis.
  • Let the condition persist without treatment

4. How to prevent itchy gums

In order not to fall into the condition of itchy roots, you need to take good care of your teeth. Here are some effective ways to prevent itchy gums according to the advice of dentists:

Regular dental check-ups: It is necessary to have regular dental visits twice a year to clean plaque as well as detect oral diseases at the earliest.
Oral hygiene: Besides brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing, you should help your mouth after each meal to completely remove plaque as well as leftover food left on the teeth.
Limit irritating foods: Your gums will be very irritated if you use a lot of acidic, starchy foods. Therefore, it is best to limit many of these foods.

Just now, we have shared about the condition of itchy roots as well as the most suitable treatment for you. We hope that these sharings have brought you useful knowledge. Visit the Website now https://doctormuoi.vn/ to learn more about our products Dr.Muối 

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