Alarm 17 common oral diseases: Causes and treatment directions

According to statistics of the health organization, the number of people suffering from dental problems is increasing, especially in Vietnam. So what are the causes of dental diseases and are there effective treatments? Let’s find out together with Dr.Muoi.

1. Dental caries

Tooth decay is one of the most common oral diseases today. When a tooth is decayed, small black holes appear on the surface of the tooth. The cause of tooth decay is because you do not clean your teeth regularly and properly, so plaque and food particles are not cleaned, creating conditions for bacteria to form and develop to attack and destroy tooth enamel.

các bệnh về răng miệng

In order to limit tooth decay, after brushing your teeth, you should use more mouthwash with ingredients from natural salt, such as Dr. Salt mouthwash to remove bacteria, plaque, and debris. leftover food to prevent tooth decay more effectively.

2. Gum diseases

Signs to recognize this disease are: The mouth has a bad smell, red, swollen, painful, bleeding gums, teeth are more sensitive and pain when eating.
To be able to best prevent this disease, you should build yourself a habit of regularly checking your teeth and brushing your teeth at least twice a day. Also, use dental floss and mouthwash for better oral hygiene
Các bệnh về nướu
Gum disease comes from many causes.

3. Bad breath disease


When it comes to common oral diseases, bad breath cannot be ignored.

In a survey conducted by Very Well Health, it was found that in the world, up to 85% of people suffer from oral diseases, including bad breath.

trị bệnh hôi miệng hiệu quả nhất
Bad breath – a common disease.

When you have bad breath, in addition to going to the dentist for treatment, you should also use mouthwash after every time you brush your teeth. And one of the mouthwashes capable of supporting the treatment of bad breath, bringing natural fresh breath is Dr.Muoi salt water mouthwash.

phòng tránh bệnh răng miệng
Dr.Salt mouthwash can prevent bad breath.

4. Mouth cancer

Some warning symptoms that you may have oral cancer are: Mouth sores, swelling, roughness around the mouth, changes in chewing, difficulty moving the tongue and jaw. People who smoke, drink alcohol or have HPV are susceptible to oral cancer. To prevent this disease, it is necessary to visit your dentist for regular checkups.

Ung thư miệng

5. Dry mouth.

To be able to accurately determine if you have dry mouth, your doctor will need to conduct an oral exam and medical history. You may even need to have blood tests and salivary gland imaging.
To improve dry mouth, you should regularly chew sugar-free gum. At the same time, you should regularly brush your teeth with Fluoride-containing toothpaste and use an alcohol-free mouthwash of Dr.Muoi.

6. Inflammation of the tooth pulp

People with pulpitis may experience severe pain, transient pain or sometimes no pain at all, but the disease still develops insidiously. Many cases of pulpitis, but the pain only appears when the root of the tooth is swollen.
The way to treat pulpitis is to clean all the canals and conduct root canal sealing. You must go to the dentist in this case.


Periodontitis is a very dangerous oral disease. The cause of the disease is gingivitis and tartar that accumulates for a long time and is not removed.
Signs that you are suffering from periodontitis are: The gums appear deep pockets, plaque, bacteria accumulate a lot, shrinking gums, loose teeth, … Periodontal complications can cause severe loss of teeth. tooth. Therefore, as soon as you see signs of suspected periodontitis, you should see your dentist as soon as possible for treatment.

bệnh về răng miệng

8.  Viral, bacterial or fungal infection

If you notice sores on your teeth, blisters under your lips, under your tongue, and on the lining of your cheeks, you most likely have a viral, bacterial or Herpes Simplex infection. In this case, you need to see your dentist immediately for examination and treatment.
To minimize viral and bacterial infections in the mouth, you need to keep your teeth clean, limit spicy foods and gargle with salt water. Dr.Mui mouthwash is recommended by experts with a safe concentration of 0.9% NaCl, suitable for all subjects, especially children from 6 years old and above can also use the product.

9. Temporomandibular joint arthritis

Temporomandibular joint disease, also known as jaw pain, can cause pain in the jaw, face, ears or neck. People with the disease have more difficulty eating, chewing, and talking. Even, when opening and closing the mouth, the jaw can also make a clicking sound.
viêm khớp thái dương hàm
Image of a person with temporomandibular joint disease.

The reason you have TMJ may be due to misaligned bite, teeth grinding, stress, … Depending on the cause, treatment methods can be applied such as: Taking muscle relaxants, reducing pain , surgery, psychological measures, …

10. Chipped teeth

One of the most common dental problems is chipped teeth. When eating hard foods such as popcorn, sugar cane, hard candy or being in an accident can cause teeth to chip. To treat this condition, it is necessary to see a dentist to conduct fillings, crowns, …

răng bị mẻ

11. Broken teeth

những bệnh về răng miệng

Sometimes your teeth crack and you have absolutely no idea why. However, when you see that your teeth are in this situation, go to the dentist immediately for treatment. In most cases, the crown will be covered, but there are times when the marrow will need to be taken first and then wrapped. Even in cases where the nodal line breaks deeply, it is necessary to remove the tooth and plant a new one.

12. Sensitive teeth

Sensitive teeth is also a fairly common dental disease. The reason you have sensitive teeth can be due to tooth wear, tooth decay, cracked teeth or exposed roots. There are many solutions to treat sensitive teeth, such as fillings or using anti-sensitivity toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

răng nhạy cảm

13. Excess teeth

On average, an adult will have between 28 and 32 teeth. But there are also people who have more than this number of teeth. This proves that they have excess teeth. People with extra teeth are often accompanied by diseases such as cleft palate, Gardner syndrome. The only treatment is to remove excess teeth or orthodontics.

các bệnh về răng

14. Teeth grinding condition

The cause may be due to stress, teeth are displaced, … The consequences of this condition are to cause diseases such as headaches, jaw pain, tooth wear, more dangerous can cause you to lose teeth. So, if you are experiencing this condition at night, you need to see your dentist right away. If you only grind your teeth during the day, you can learn stress-relieving exercises or use muscle relaxants.

tình trạng nghiến răng

15. Wisdom teeth growing

Most people have wisdom teeth. However, if wisdom teeth have complications, it can lead to dangerous oral diseases such as: Cavity, periodontal disease, affecting adjacent teeth, even destroying adjacent teeth. The way to treat this case is to see a dentist to have wisdom teeth removed.

mọc răng khôn

16. Teeth are too tight

In contrast to the teeth that grow wide, the teeth that grow too close. This condition will make cleaning teeth more difficult, increasing the risk of tooth decay. Therefore, it is necessary to use thin dental floss and water floss to clean teeth.

Răng mọc quá khít

17. Mouth sores

Mouth sores also come in many different forms, but in general, they will all cause patients certain annoyances and discomforts. In case the sore only lasts less than 2 weeks and then disappears, there is no need to worry.
bệnh răng miệng phổ biến
Bên trong môi dưới bị lở loét.


The above are common oral diseases, easy to get as well as causes and effective treatment. However, treatment is always expensive and difficult, more complicated than prevention.

So, from now on, take care of your teeth carefully and carefully by cleaning your teeth thoroughly with floss, brushing your teeth properly at least twice a day and visiting your dentist regularly. period. In particular, use Dr.Salt mouthwash to clean plaque, kill bacteria that cause oral diseases, and prevent bad breath.

ngăn ngừa hôi miệng
Dr.Muoi mouthwash – with you to take care of your teeth.

 Dr.Muối Contains ingredients from natural sea salt, no alcohol, safe for users, including pregnant women and children over 6 years old. The product is affordable and recommended by many dentists. Buy and use Dr.Muoi mouthwash immediately to prevent dental diseases effectively.

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