Is it effective to treat sinusitis with physiological saline?

Treating sinusitis with salt water will bring good results when you follow the instructions of medical experts. The following article will provide some ways to use physiological saline to clean the nose, improve runny nose, stuffy nose, … common in patients with sinusitis.

chữa viêm xoang bằng nước muối
Treating sinusitis with salt water

1.Why is salt water used to treat sinusitis?

Sinusitis is inherently a chronic disease, difficult to completely treat and easily recur when conditions permit. Most of the current treatments for sinusitis help reduce symptoms and limit the recurrence of the condition. To cure sinusitis effectively, you need to follow the principles of properly cleaning the sinus cavity, restoring the activity of the sinus mucosa and clearing the airways.

Doctors recommend that treating sinusitis with salt water is the solution that you can apply. Because this way meets the 3 principles mentioned above. Whether you rinse your nose with salt water or inhale salt water vapor, it can help wash away sinus infections, help open nasal passages, astringent lesions and prevent nasal secretions from stagnation.

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Cure sinusitis with physiological saline

When using physiological saline to wash the nose, it will contribute to helping common sinusitis symptoms such as runny nose, stuffy nose, bad breath, headache, … significantly reduce and disappear quickly. It is important that you choose good specialized saline nasal wash products, helping to clean the nose in the safest way.

2. How to properly treat sinusitis with salt water?

2.1 Rinse your nose with physiological saline

  • Prepare ingredients: A teaspoon of clean salt, 2 cups of warm salt water (about 60 degrees Celsius) and a little bicarbonate
  • Add clean salt and bicarbonate to warm water and stir well.
  • Pour the solution into a clean bowl and close one nostril with your finger.
  • Hold the bowl with the other hand and bring it close to your nose, take a long breath to let the salt solution flow into your nose and then blow gently.
  • Repeat the operation with the other side of the nose, alternating several times.

2.2 Treat sinusitis with salt water and garlic

  • Prepare ingredients: warm physiological saline and garlic juice
  • Doing:
  • Add garlic juice to warm physiological saline when mixing to increase efficiency
  • Use a 20cc cylinder to fill the prepared solution
  • Stand in front of the sink and lean over about 45 degrees, hold your breath, and then slowly inject the solution in the syringe into one nostril
  • Then gently blow the water out
  • Do it a second time and then do the same with the other side of the nose
chữa viêm xoang bằng nước muối và tỏi
Garlic and salt can significantly improve sinusitis

3. Sinusitis treatment with salt water helps to completely cure the disease?

Advantages of using salt water and garlic to treat sinusitis

  • Using physiological saline and garlic to help cure sinusitis at home is simple, easy to prepare ingredients and perform
  • Reduce mucus in the nasal sinuses effectively and quickly
  • Effectively relieves headaches in the temples, forehead and back of the neck
  • Nose stuffy, comfortable, comfortable breathing
  • Helps fight inflammation naturally, avoiding sinusitis that causes nosebleeds

Disadvantages of using salt water and garlic to treat sinusitis

  • Every time you wash your nose, you need to warm up the physiological saline solution to be effective
  • Pregnant women with sinusitis under 3 months should not use this method
  • Children under 5 years old with sinusitis are also not allowed
  • People with intestinal and stomach problems should not use it
  • People over 60 years old can not use this method to treat sinusitis
  • People who are new to surgery are also not allowed to apply this treatment for sinusitis. Because garlic makes it difficult for blood to clot and can reduce the pharmacokinetics of blood-clotting drugs
có nên chữa viêm xoang bằng nước muối và tỏi
Children under 5 years old, people over 60 years old,… should not use garlic and salt to treat sinusitis

4. Note when treating sinusitis with physiological saline

When treating sinusitis with physiological saline, you need to choose a solution with a moderate amount of salt. Before cleaning the nose, you must warm the spray solution, do not let the water be too cold

Do not lean your head back after just performing the nasal sinus wash operation, to avoid water seeping back into the nasopharynx

To clear mucus in your nose quickly, you should wash your nose once a day. This frequency helps clear bacteria and runny nose effectively. When the symptoms begin to improve, you can wash your nose 3 times a week. Avoid washing too much will affect the nasal mucosa.

The way to rinse the nose with salt water helps to support the treatment of sinusitis, and can also be applied to people with colds or allergic rhinitis. However, cases with otitis media should not be applied because it can cause a feeling of shortness of breath.

In case you have severe acute sinusitis, green thick pus in the nose accompanied by an unpleasant odor, you should use distilled saline to ensure the best sterility. In addition, using warm salt water helps you easily clean the sinus cavities, helping the pus to come out faster. You need to be aware that sinusitis is very hydrophobic to cold so know how to take good care of your sinuses.

Cure sinusitis with physiological saline is easy to do and effective, however, when rinsing the nose, you need to do it gently and properly, to avoid causing damage to the nasal mucosa, making the condition worse. heavy.

Depending on the condition of the disease, you apply different frequency of sinus washing. If the disease is at its most severe and painful, on average every 2 hours you should wash your nose. Use 1 bottle of 500ml warm saline solution each time to clear the sinuses.

To enhance the effect, you can squeeze 3 drops of garlic juice and mix it in a physiological saline bottle. Garlic will help strengthen natural antibiotics, helping to quickly improve unpleasant symptoms.

nguyên tắc chữa viêm xoang bằng nước muối
Please follow the rules when treating sinusitis with salt water

You need to remember that treating sinusitis is a long journey. Although using physiological saline brings good results, it also needs to be persistent for a long enough time. In addition, you need to combine the use of more specific drugs to treat sinusitis to quickly achieve the effect.

Finally, in addition to the salt water cure for sinusitis above, you can use quality nasal spray products. Currently, nasal spray Dr. Salt  is trusted by many people because it is extracted from natural salt and contains many trace minerals that are good for the nasal passages and respiratory tract. The product is an effective support for sinusitis patients to help quickly improve nasal congestion, headaches, and shortness of breath.

Products with a combination of natural sea salt and trace elements and minerals such as Cl, Mg2+, Ca2+, Na+, K+, good for the respiratory system. In the nasal spray composition, there are also silver nanoparticles and menthol, eucalyptus, which bring a pleasant feeling when sprayed on the nose.

chữa viêm xoang bằng nước muối dr muốiSalt water contains trace minerals, menthol, eucalyptus

Dr.Salt nasal spray is safe for adults, children and pregnant and lactating women. Using the product correctly helps to significantly improve the symptoms of sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, and prevent bacteria and viruses from causing ear, nose and throat infections. In addition, the product also purifies allergens, reduces edema, relieves dryness of the nose and helps tighten the nasal mucosa.

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