Nasal and throat steaming with physiological saline for sinusitis patients to quickly and effectively recover

Rinsing the nose and throat with physiological saline is not only effective in preventing respiratory diseases but also helps patients with sinusitis quickly recover effectively. So, which physiological saline should be used for nasal inhalation, how to steam it, let’s find out more in the following article.

xông mũi họng bằng nước muối sinh lý
Nasal steaming with salt water, an effective treatment for patients with sinusitis

1. What is a nasopharyngeal rinse with physiological saline??

Nasopharyngeal steaming with physiological saline is the use of physiological saline with the composition of water and sodium chloride, prepared at the rate of 0.9%. This type of salt water possesses an osmotic pressure equivalent to the fluid in the human body, so it is now widely used to replenish water and electrolytes for the body.

Physiological saline is also used to disinfect and wash wounds, to help clean open wounds, to avoid bacterial infections, to support quick wound healing.

xông mũi họng bằng nước muối có tác dụng gìRinsing the nose and throat with salt water has the effect of preventing and preventing respiratory diseases

In particular, with safe ingredients for health, physiological saline is also a cleaning solution, removing dirt and bacteria for the eyes, nose and mouth… for all subjects, including children and women pregnant, breastfeeding.

2. Should patients with sinusitis use a nebulizer and physiological saline?

The nebulizer works by converting the drug in the form of a solution into a fine and lithium form. Thanks to its small size, it can be easily moved through the nose and throat, and then into the trachea, bronchi, bronchioles and to the lungs.

Therefore, patients with sinusitis use a nebulizer and physiological saline very well. Because when blowing the nose with physiological saline, it will quickly clean the dirt in the patient’s nose and throat, helping the patient to recover quickly.

 3. What kind of physiological saline should patients with sinusitis use?

Sinusitis patients who want to use saline nasal spray should choose a saline solution with a concentration of 0.9%. Because this is the type of salt water with the most suitable concentration for the human body and has a high bactericidal effect.

The cause of sinusitis is caused by bacteria that enter from the outside through the respiratory tract and gather in the sinus cavities. At this time, steaming the nose and throat with physiological saline, has the effect of eliminating bacteria, limiting inflammation, reducing nasal congestion, headaches, contributing to the recovery of patients with sinusitis. effective.

You can refer to Dr.Salt salt water with a concentration of 0.9% NaCl, made from 100% sea salt containing minerals: Ca, Mg, K,…helps eliminate bacteria effectively. In particular, the water used to produce the product is treated with a strict water purification process on Italian and American Culligan equipment. This CGMP certified product is the choice of many people.

xông mũi bằng nước muối sinh lý rất tốt

Sinusitis patients should use 0.9% saline solution for nasopharyngeal inhalation

Refer to salt water used for nasopharyngeal inhalation for patients with sinusitis at:

4. How to steam the nose with physiological saline for patients with sinusitis

If you want to steam your nose with saline, sinusitis patients can follow these steps:

Prepare physiological saline, then put it in the medicine cup.
Plug the air tube into the nebulizer, the other end into the medicine cup.
Insert the mask or wear a mouthpiece or nasal tube. Especially for young children, it is recommended to wear a mask designed specifically for children.
Start the nebulizer by turning on the switch to conduct nebulization with physiological saline.
Inhale deeply and pause for 1-2 seconds, then exhale. It is recommended to steam for a period of 15-20 minutes, the interval between inhalations is about 4-6 hours. For children, the best steaming time is from 5 to 10 minutes. Perform inhalation until the amount of medicine in the cup is all gone, then stop.

Physiological saline is more and more widely used by people. Especially in the current period when the environment is increasingly polluted, leading to an increased risk of respiratory diseases. Especially for patients with sinusitis, if you blow your nose with salt water properly, it will be highly effective in treating the disease.

xông mũi họng bằng nước muốiSteaming the nose with salt water properly, will help sinusitis patients get the best treatment results

5. Use the nebulizer correctly

Nebulization is a treatment performed by delivering drugs directly into the lining of the respiratory tract. The nebulizer will convert the drug into a mist, causing the drug to stay in the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, penetrating deep into the bronchi, helping the drug to work quickly but at the same time reduce Side effects may occur.

Because it is a treatment, so if you want to use a nebulizer, the patient needs to go directly to the hospital for examination, advice and instructions on which drug to use, with what dose. .

Remember, the arbitrary use of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory agents is very harmful to the body. Depending on different types of antibiotics, it can cause complications and affect health. Not only that, if using antibiotics for a long time, it can be the cause of throat edema, infection of the throat mucosa and more susceptible to diseases related to the respiratory tract.

xông nước muối sinh lý thông mũi họngUsing a nebulizer should follow your doctor’s instructions about the time, dose, and type of medication.

For children, if symptoms of rhinitis occasionally appear, then just snuff the nose and throat with physiological saline or wash with physiological saline. However, some parents apply antibiotic steam therapy without the advice and guidance of a specialist, making children more susceptible to respiratory diseases than usual.

For those who do not have respiratory diseases, being able to nebulize the nose and throat with physiological saline with a daily nebulizer will support very effective disease prevention.

When nebulizing, you must follow the doctor’s instructions on the time, dose and type of medicine to use, especially if the object of inhalation is a child. Each inhalation should be for no more than 15 minutes. During the steaming time, you should sit up straight and get the most comfort. In the case of bed inhalation, many pillows should be used to obtain an upright sitting position.

With a nebulizer, regular cleaning is required, especially the air filter and the air ducts. Regular cleaning will reduce the amount of dirt, bacteria and mold entering the body when steaming.

nước muối sinh lý để xông mũi họngTo prevent respiratory diseases, you can inhale the nose and throat with saline with a concentration of 0.9%.

Hopefully through this article, it has partly helped sinusitis patients understand how to use physiological saline to treat the disease effectively. In addition to using a nebulizer to prevent illness, people with respiratory diseases should keep their bodies warm and regularly gargle with 0.9% salt water such as mouthwash of the Dr.Muối. brand. Dr.Salt mouthwash is made from natural sea salt with available minerals such as: Ca, Mg, K … works to eliminate bacteria and the risk of throat diseases. To order and learn more about the product, you can visit the website:


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