Safe ways to treat gingivitis for pregnant women

For pregnant women, the phenomenon of gingivitis is becoming a great concern. Any impact on the mother’s body during this period also directly affects the fetus. Therefore, in this article, we will share with you on how to cure gingivitis for pregnant women safely and quickly.

1. What is pregnancy gingivitis?

Pregnancy is a period in which a woman’s body undergoes many changes. At this time, women often encounter oral problems such as tooth decay, toothache, bad breath … and most especially gingivitis.

cách chữa viêm lợi cho bà bầu
During pregnancy, pregnant women are very likely to experience

Gingivitis usually occurs from the second month of pregnancy with symptoms such as swollen gums, bleeding when brushing teeth and bad breath… This disease, if not treated and controlled well, can be extremely dangerous. to the health of the mother and to the unborn baby.

2. Causes of gingivitis in pregnant women

Pregnant women have a higher risk of gingivitis than the general population. Here are some of the main causes of gingivitis in pregnant women:

Because women often have morning sickness and have to divide many small meals during the day. Eating so much will not ensure the hygiene of the oral cavity and cause food to accumulate to form plaque, causing gingivitis.
Hormonal changes will reduce the immunity of the gums to bacterial attack.
Due to common oral diseases: tooth decay, bad breath, wisdom teeth… Most of these diseases will form due to the colorless sticky film on the teeth. If not treated in time, it will accumulate toxins and cause gingivitis.

bà bầu bị viêm lợi
There are many causes of gingivitis in pregnant women

3. Symptoms of gingivitis during pregnancy

When you have gingivitis, pregnant women will often notice that it is red, swollen and bleeding when brushing their teeth. Here are the two common stages of gingivitis:

Early stage: Your gums will swell and bleed easily.
The final stage: If your gums are already inflamed and there is no treatment, it is likely that the inner gums and lower jaw bone will deepen and form a large hole at the root of the tooth. These holes will accumulate food and bacteria that cause root infections. Even when the gums are weak, the teeth will no longer have a place to hold on and will most likely lose their teeth.

4. How dangerous is gingivitis during pregnancy?

Pregnant women are often quite worried when they have gingivitis. So learn about the signs of gingivitis to know which stage you are in.

4.1. Signs and stages of development of gingivitis. Why do pregnant women often have gingivitis and bleeding gums?

When oral hygiene is not done properly, bacteria form and stick to the surface of the teeth. For people with poor resistance or a weakened immune system, there will be a great opportunity for bacteria to invade and form plaque, causing gingivitis.

Besides, usually in the second month of the cycle, the levels of estrogen and progesterone hormones will increase rapidly to increase blood circulation to the gums. It causes gingivitis more severe than usual.

chữa viêm lợi cho bà bầu

What are the symptoms of pregnant women with gingivitis?

When gingivitis is at the local stage, you will notice that the gums are swollen and red and will also be more painful to the touch. This is just the beginning but makes it difficult to eat and drink. Some diseases are manifested in this stage, for example, swelling of the innermost gums, swollen gums that bleed when brushing teeth, and inflammation of the roots of the teeth.

Next, in the period of tooth asymmetry, pregnant women will easily experience swelling, redness and bleeding at any time, causing pain. If you often have blood in the gum area, you need to see a dentist for timely diagnosis and treatment. If left for a long time, it can lead to receding gums, exposing the roots of the teeth, causing cosmetic loss and possibly causing teeth to fall out. At this time, the best way to treat gingivitis for pregnant women is to visit the dentist.

4.2. Pregnant women with gingivitis, gingivitis may face any risk??

Gingivitis usually occurs from the 2nd month and the worst is in the 8th month of pregnancy. Here are some possible risks during gingivitis during pregnancy:

Effects on pregnant mothers: When pregnant women have dental problems, there will definitely be bleeding and unpleasant odors. This makes it difficult to live and eat every day.

bà bầu bị viêm lợi trùmPregnant women with gingivitis can affect the whole body of the fetus
Effects on the fetus: When eating loses feeling and the body is tired, this will make the process of taking nutrients and inside the fetus worse. Besides, according to research, the relationship between oral health and preeclampsia during pregnancy is also quite high.

5. Some ways to treat gingivitis for pregnant women

Pregnant women with gingivitis should do? Let’s learn some home remedies for gingivitis.

5.1 Gargle with warm salt water

Gargling with warm salt water has always been one of the doctor’s recommendations for pregnant women. Gargling with salt water daily will somewhat minimize the inflammation of the gums and remove harmful bacteria to health.

In addition, pregnant women can choose to buy pre-mixed saline mouthwash sold at drugstores to save time on salt water preparation, as well as avoid the situation of mixing non-standard salt concentrations. Dr.Mui is a reputable brand chosen by many people because it is prepared with a concentration of 0.9% Sodium Chloride, along with many other natural ingredients that are safe for pregnant women.

dùng dr muối cho bà bầu viêm lợiDr.Salt is a quality and reputable product5.2 Using betel leaves does not cure gingivitis for pregnant women

The composition of betel leaves contains quite a lot of essential oils with bactericidal and antiseptic effects. These ingredients will bring about the ability to inhibit the growth and development of bacteria that cause gingivitis in pregnant women.

lá trầu chữa viêm lợi cho bà bầuBetel leaf is very effective in curing gingivitis

Use 5 to 6 betel leaves and then wash them with diluted salt water. Crush together with a little salt and add a little white wine and then take the water to gargle daily.

5.3 How to cure gingivitis for pregnant women by supplementing with Vitamin C for the body

It is the lack of vitamin C content inside the woman’s body that is also the cause of gingivitis. At this time, to improve the problem as quickly as possible, pregnant women need to supplement vitamin C by using a variety of fruits and vegetables.

5.4 Treatment of gingivitis for pregnant women with areca nut alcohol

Areca nut wine is one of the most useful ways to cure gingivitis for pregnant women. Areca nut will have a spicy taste along with effective antiseptic and antiseptic properties. Combined with white wine, it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Method: Take 500g of dried areca nut and wash it with water to remove impurities and then dry it. Heat the areca nut for a few minutes and put it in a glass jar. Pour a sufficient amount of white wine and leave in a cool place, soak for about 50 days. Use this mixture to gargle daily to improve gingivitis.

5.5 Treatment of gingivitis with clove essential oil for pregnant women

Treatment of gingivitis with cloves is also one of the ways to treat gingivitis for pregnant women that is widely spread. The eugenol essential oil contained in Clove buds will bring about numbing and pain-relieving effects.

nụ đinh hương chữa viêm lợi cho bà bầuThe eugenol essential oil in Clove buds will bring about numbing and pain-relieving effects

Apply a small amount of essential oil to the affected area and then rinse your mouth with warm water. You can also use a little clove bud to chew.

5.6 Cure gingivitis for pregnant women with young leaves

The leaves are quite benign and easy to find. In the leaves contains ingredients with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects that are very good to treat tooth ulcers, boils, skin diseases.

bàng non chữa viêm lợi cho bà bầuHow to cure gingivitis for pregnant women with young Bang leaves effectively

You should use young leaves to treat gingivitis for pregnant women is the best. Crush young eagle leaves with a little sea salt water, then drain the water to gargle daily.

5.7 Using honey to treat gingivitis for pregnant women

Honey is probably one of the ingredients that are so familiar to human life. Honey is extremely effective in treating coughs, colds and gingivitis for pregnant women.

Take a sufficient amount of honey to apply directly to the inflamed area and leave it on for about 15 to 20 minutes. Gargle with warm water to clean the oral cavity.

In addition, to quickly reduce the situation of gingivitis in pregnant women. Pay attention to add vitamin C from fruits, drink more calcium-rich milk. Especially stay away from fatty foods and smoking as this will make gingivitis worse.

6. How to take care of your teeth properly for pregnant women

Taking care of your teeth is one of the most essential things in the process of wearing. Here are some ways for pregnant women to take care of their teeth effectively:

  • Maintain good oral hygiene by brushing at least twice a day.
  • Use dental floss to replace toothpicks when it happens
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to limit gum irritation.
  • Rinse your mouth with warm salt water every day.
  • During pregnancy, it is necessary to check the dental condition at least once.

Just now are our sharing on how to treat gingivitis for pregnant women simply and effectively at home. If you are interested in a salt water product that helps treat gingivitis, you can immediately find out Dr.Muoi – one of the quality products made entirely from natural sea salt. Visit the website now

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