Share how to wash your nose properly, ensuring safe hygiene

Runny or stuffy nose due to flu, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, but not too dangerous, but annoying. Therefore, applying the right ways to wash your nose will help you feel more comfortable, the nasal cavity is cleaner and more comfortable.

1. How to wash your nose with saline mist

One of the most popular ways to wash your nose today is to use a spray-on sea salt solution to clear all the mucus that has accumulated inside the nasal passages. This method quickly helps you breathe better every time your nose is blocked. 

Instructions for properly rinsing the nose are as follows: Hold the pressure on the spray button so that the saline solution flows deep into the sinuses and then slowly pulls the mucus in the nose to move to the other side, clearing a turn of sputum. and impurities in your nose.

cách rửa mũi với bình xịtHow to wash your nose with a spray bottle

Saline to rinse the nose is not a medicine, this method is often used to wash the nose because it does not cause side effects. You can use a regular saline spray to keep your nose clean.

2. How to wash your nose with a Neti Pot

The Neti Pot is a pot designed with a tea-like shape, making it easy to clean the nasal cavities when there is a lot of phlegm in the nose or congestion. You just need to fill the bottle with saline solution (buy ready or make your own) and then proceed to properly clean your nose.

.cách rửa mũi bằng bình neti potNeti Pot designed like a tea pot

The way to properly rinse your nose with a Neti Pot is that you need to tilt your head inside the sink, then pour the saline solution in the bottle into one nostril. You pour gently, so that the salt water slowly runs through the sinus and then drains out the other nostril. Repeat the operation with the other side of the nose.

The Neti Pot is chosen by many people because it is very effective for rinsing the nose, quickly removing excess mucus and phlegm in the nose, improving nasal congestion and runny nose, bringing a feeling of ventilation and ease. bear.

3. How to wash your nose with a Neilmed . bottle

NeilMed is a nasal wash bottle that helps to clean the nasal cavity more easily and conveniently than the Neti Pot. This vase is made of soft plastic and has a small hole in the top. Regular products come with small sachets of salt, which you dilute into a nasal wash. In addition, these salt bags are also sold separately, you can buy them for later use.

cách rửa mũi dễ dàng với bình neilmed
NeilMed nasal wash bottle is relatively easy to use

Proper nasal irrigation with a NeilMed bottle is relatively easy to do. Squeeze the saline solution into one side of your nose, and breathe through your mouth while tilting your head into the sink. The saline solution will slowly pass through the sinuses and then drain out the other nostril.

On average, the solution filled in each NeilMed nasal wash can be used to wash both sides of the nose, you don’t have to add salt water. This is an effective product when you have problems with colds, allergic rhinitis or simply a stuffy nose.

4. Wash your baby’s nose with a nasal aspirator or syringe

With babies and young children, you cannot use a nasal wash like an adult. At this time, you can apply 1 of 2 ways to wash your nose to easily remove mucus and phlegm inside your baby’s nose.

Method 1: Use a nasal aspirator and small physiological saline

When your baby has a blocked nose, you can use physiological saline to help thin the mucus inside the nose, so that they can easily drain. Next, you use a nasal aspirator specifically for children to suck out the amount of mucus in the nose.

In fact, it is not easy to make nose drops and suck mucus out of the baby’s nose. Because most babies will be uncomfortable, fussy and uncooperative when sucked or dripped. Therefore, the best solution is for both parents to work together to suck the baby’s nose.

cách rửa mũi cho trẻ nhỏFor young children, you can use a syringe that has been removed to clean the nose

Method 2: Use a syringe to wash your baby’s nose

How to wash this nose includes the following basic steps:

You suck up the saline water used to wash the baby’s nose into the cylinder
Have your baby tilt his or her head in the tub or wash basin
You use the pump to push the saline in the syringe into one nostril of the baby to help the mucus in the nasal cavity in turn be pushed out the other nostril.
Repeat the operation with the other nostril of the baby

Basically, this way of washing the nose can be applied to children from 2 years old and up when they are grown up and can follow your instructions. If your baby is too young, you can’t apply this method, you can refer to other ways to properly clean your baby’s nose according to advice from a specialist doctor.

5. Note how to wash your nose to avoid otitis media or sinusitis
You should warm up the nasal spray and reduce the amount of salt in the saline spray
When performing nasal irrigation, you need to tilt your head at a 45 degree angle and do not tilt your head back.
To avoid choking when rinsing your nose, you need to breathe through your mouth
When you perform nasal irrigation properly, you will see a noticeable effect after 1-2 times. Regularly rinsing the nose according to the instructions helps to control the congestion and stuffy nose.
Nasal wash is good for everyone, especially people who have problems with allergic rhinitis, chronic sinusitis or colds and flu. In addition, nasal hygiene is also safe for adults and children.
However, the person who should not wash the nose is someone who has a problem with otitis media or a blocked nose that makes it difficult to breathe

The above are safe and effective ways to wash the nose for both adults and children that you should apply to clean the mucus in the nasal cavity.

In addition to the ways to wash your nose above, you can refer to choose Dr.Mui nasal spray solution to help keep your nasal cavity clean. Products with safe, benign and quality ingredients according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health, support to improve the health of your nasal cavity to become better.

cách rửa mũi hiệu quả nhất với dr muốiThe most effective way to wash your nose with saline solution

Dr.Mui nasal spray solution is made from natural sea salt, rich in minerals and trace elements such as Cl-, Mg2+, Ca2+, Na+, K+, combined with silver nanomolecules and essential oils that are beneficial for health. Respiratory system. Regular use of the product helps to prevent the attack of viruses and bacteria that cause rhinitis and sinusitis. In addition, it also helps to effectively treat ear, nose, and throat infections and reduce dry and burning nose effectively.

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