Synthesis of mouthwashes for effective periodontal treatment

Periodontal is an inflammation organized around the teeth that have a supporting function, which loses the ability to support and store teeth in the bones. Using the right periodontal mouthwash helps prevent tooth decay and take good care of oral health. Choosing the right periodontal mouthwash also supports the treatment of gingivitis and brings fresh breath.

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For beautiful healthy teeth, you should use mouthwash daily.

1. Use salt water to rinse your mouth for periodontitis

Salt water rinses the mouth for inflammation;periodontal It is an effective and economical solution for everyone. Salt is capable of antiseptic, removing bacteria, washing away plaque and reducing bad odors. Use diluted salt water to rinse your mouth daily, helping you take better care of your teeth.

However, the minus point of this mouthwash is that the preparation is the wrong dosage. Every time you use it, you have to mix new because you can’t preserve the product for long. Therefore, it is very time consuming, laborious.

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Dr. Salt helps to clean the teeth, prevent tooth decay, help the breath smell fresh.

The solution for you is Dr. Salt mouthwash. The product has the main ingredient is natural sea salt, which helps to eliminate bacteria, reduce odor effectively. In addition, Dr. Salt also contains Ca, K, Mg,… It helps keep teeth strong.

Currently, in addition to traditional mouthwash, Dr. Salt also brings ginger flavor products and cool lemon flavors.

2. Periodontal mouthwash contains bactericidal essential oils

Mouthwashes such as Listerine often contain antibacterial essential oils. Thereby helping to kill bacteria, germs, prevent or eliminate periodontal pathologies such as gingivitis.

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Listerine mouthwash contains bactericidal essential oils.

Periodontal mouthwash contains bactericidal essential oils that can be used during the treatment of gum diseases. You can buy at pharmacies and do not need a prescription prescribed by a doctor. It is best to take it once a day to better protect your teeth.

Mouthwash products containing essential oils are relatively safe but quite expensive, not the right dosage. In addition, the essential oil in the product needs to be pure essential oil.

3. Periodontal mouthwash contains Fluoride Stannous

Fluoride Stannous is a mouthwash that is resistant to gingivitis, good anti-plaque. The composition of the product usually contains fluoride that has the effect of preventing tooth decay.

In terms of advantages, periodontal mouthwash contains Stannous Fluoride which helps prevent cavities in the root and gum areas on the surface of the teeth.

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Mouthwash contains Fluoride Stannous helps fight inflammation, fight plaque well.

However, the disadvantage of mouthwash with fluoride stannous composition is that it causes tooth discoloration. In addition, this active ingredient can cause you to have red eyes, irritation if inhaled or in contact with the eyes. If accidentally swallowed, you may experience abdominal pain and shock.

4. Mouthwash with antiseptic contains derivatives of gluconate for periodontitis treatment

Antiseptics containing derivatives of Gluconate is also a periodontal mouthwash that you can use as a solution to prevent tooth inflammation, gingivitis. In particular, this mouthwash is very effective in preventing the progression of gum disease.

However, mouthwash containing gluconate is a prescription drug. You must be prescribed by a dentist to be used.

5. Use 3% old oxygen as a periodontal mouthwash

Using an old oxygen mouthwash of 3 peroxide% can help reduce inflammation in some cases. Oxygen in the mouthwash is introduced into the gum tissues, dislodging the factors that cause the infection and helping to heal the disease.

3% old oxygen is quite effective in short-term treatment. When used properly and diluted in the right proportions of instructions will bring good results in the treatment of gingivitis.

Although very effective, the use of 3% old oxygen as a mouthwash for periodontitis still has a minus. Dentists do not advise patients to use old oxygen mouthwash at home. Because if used in the wrong way, it will lead to damage to the tissues, making the disease more serious.

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You should not abuse 3% old oxygen because it can cause cancer risk.

In addition, some experts warn that using this mouthwash long-term can increase the risk of cancer.

The above are the pros and cons of 5 popular periodontal mouthwashes on the market. Depending on the condition of your teeth, you choose the right type. There are some types that need to be prescribed, you can consult the dentist when you want to use.

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