Tips for you: 7 simple and effective home remedies for gingivitis

Gum disease is a dangerous disease that, if not treated in time, can cause many complications. So are there any effective home remedies for toothache? Let’s find out right here!

1. What is gingivitis?

Root canal disease is a phenomenon in which the tissues around the teeth are infected, have signs of redness, and form pockets of pus. In the early stages of the disease, the gums are swollen, mildly painful, and the breath has a strange odor. After that, the gum area around the root of the tooth will be swollen with pus.

cách chữa viêm chân răng tại nhà
In the early stages of the disease, the gums will be red and swollen, accompanied by mild pain

There are two forms of periodontitis:

  • Acute periodontitis: The patient has severe toothache, the duration of the pain depends on the severity of the disease. After the pain stops, the patient is subjective, thinking that the disease is over, but the disease is still progressing silently. Patients have a high risk of tooth loss if not treated promptly.
  • Chronic periodontitis: The patient has a persistent toothache for a long time. The toothache area is very large, making it difficult for the patient to pinpoint the exact location of the toothache.

2. What is the cause of toothache?

Root canal inflammation occurs due to many complex causes, which can be mentioned as:

  • Bacterial invasion: In polluted environment, if the oral cavity comes into contact with bacteria and viruses, it can cause inflammation of the teeth.
  • Oral hygiene: Without scientific oral hygiene, at least twice a day, bacteria will multiply and develop in the mouth, causing inflammation of the teeth.
cách chữa viêm chân răng an toàn
Bad oral hygiene habits can cause inflammation of the teeth
  • Nutritional imbalance: When the body lacks necessary nutrients, the immune system will weaken, creating conditions for bacteria and viruses to attack and cause inflammation, including inflammation of the teeth.
  • Vitamin C deficiency: Vitamin C has the ability to improve resistance and prevent dental disease. In addition, when vitamin C is deficient, capillary cells are broken, causing bleeding gums.

3. Tips to cure toothache at home

The early stage of periodontitis can be easily treated at home with the following common ingredients:

3.1. Cure gingivitis with salt

Salt is famous for its antibacterial properties. Therefore, rinse your mouth with warm salt water 3 times a day to reduce inflammation of the roots. Note that salt water is not too hot because it can easily damage the oral cavity, and not too salty. If you don’t have time or don’t know the concentration to dilute the salt water, you can buy a saline solution like Dr.Muoi.

cách chữa viêm chân răng bằng nước muối
Cure periodontitis at home with salt water

3.2. Cure periodontitis with lemon and salt

Using lemon and salt is also an economical and effective way to treat toothache. Lemon juice contains many acids with good antiseptic properties. Combine lemon juice and salt and apply it on the inflamed tooth. Wait a few minutes, then rinse your mouth with clean water. Continuously performing this method for a few days can see the inflammation of the roots of the teeth is reduced completely.

cách chữa viêm chân răng bằng chanh
How to cure toothache with lemon and salt

However, note that, when performing this remedy for bleeding gums, you should only apply the solution to the root area, not the whole tooth to avoid wearing down the enamel layer.

3.3. Cure periodontitis with green tea bags

If you are looking for an effective home remedy for periodontitis, you can refer to this method. For a long time, green tea has been known as a natural ingredient that is good for health and has high antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. If you know how to use green tea, it can help reduce toothache, periodontitis and bad breath.

cách chữa viêm chân răng bằng túi trà
Take a green tea bag to cure toothache

The way to treat toothache with tea leaves is very simple. You just need to put the tea bag in a cup of hot water, steep for a few minutes and then take it out. Wait until the tea bag cools down, then apply it to the inflamed gums. About 5 minutes after taking it out, the pain will be reduced. This is because the tannic acid present in the tea works to soothe inflammation and pain. Do this method regularly to get the best results.

3.4. Cure tooth inflammation with garlic

Garlic is also a very good remedy for toothache and is available in almost every family. Garlic contains natural antibiotics, has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Just take a clove of garlic, add a few grains of salt and crush it. Then use the mixture to apply on the painful inflamed tooth. Apply 3-4 times a day, you will see that the pain caused by inflammation of the root canal is significantly reduced.

cách chữa viêm chân răng với tỏi
Treat toothache with garlic

3.5. Cure periodontitis with honey

If your family has honey, use it immediately to treat painful, swollen and inflamed teeth. Just like garlic or green tea, honey is valued as an ingredient with excellent antibacterial properties.

cách chữa viêm chân răng bằng mật ong

Apply tips to cure toothache at home with honey

After brushing your teeth, you just need to take a little honey and apply it to the inflamed gums and teeth. Thus, the pain and swelling of gingivitis will be significantly reduced by the time the bacteria attacking the teeth have been eliminated. This tip to cure toothache is very simple, anyone can do it by themselves.

3.6. Cure periodontitis with licorice

Wondering how to cure toothache? Then use licorice for treatment. Licorice is a herbal medicine with high antibacterial properties and natural origin, so it is very safe to use. Moreover, this material also has a sweet taste, so both adults and children can be used to treat toothache.

cách chữa viêm chân răng với cam thảoTips for curing toothache with licorice

In addition, licorice is also used to treat a number of other diseases such as bronchitis, sore throat, abdominal pain, heartburn, stomach ulcers, inflammation of the stomach lining.

3.7. Cure tooth inflammation with flowers

Using flowers is also a good and effective way to treat toothache. This natural material is abundant in our country. They have very good anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, which can help treat toothache at home.

cách chữa viêm chân răng với hoa hòe
Orchids can also treat periodontitis

4. Improve root inflammation with Dr.Muoi mouthwash

As mentioned above, salt water treatment for gingivitis is the simplest and most convenient way. However, mixing salt water can be quite inconvenient because it is both time consuming and difficult to adjust the appropriate concentration. Instead, you can use Dr.Muoi mouthwash recommended by experts.

cách chữa viêm chân răng bằng dr muối

Dr.Muối. salt water mouthwash is made from natural sea salt ingredients, containing 0.9% Sodium Chloride and many other minerals. The product is packaged in very convenient bottles and has been prepared with a safe concentration, which can be used as a mouthwash for both adults and children over 16 years old. In particular, the price of the product is very affordable, every family can use it. You can buy it at Bach Hoa Xanh or order it on Tiki for home delivery.

Above are 7 ways to treat toothache at home that are extremely simple, economical, safe but highly effective. If you are suffering from gingivitis but do not know what to do, you can refer to it and do it. However, it should be noted, should persist in performing these measures for the next few days until the pain and swelling signs have subsided.

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