Treatment of scalp fungus with salt water is cheap but extremely effective

Treating scalp fungus with salt water sounds good and affordable, but I don’t know how it works, is it effective as rumored? Let’s study this article carefully with Dr.Muoi and embark on the process of removing stubborn scalp fungus with salt!


trị nấm da đầu bằng nước muối
Treat scalp fungus with diluted saline, physiological saline for good results

1. How effective is salt water to treat scalp fungus?

trị nấm da đầu tại nhà bằng nước muối
Beat scalp fungus with salt water As we all know, scalp fungus is a dermatological disease that seriously affects our quality of life, it not only causes dandruff, itchiness and discomfort, but also hair loss and baldness. If not treated properly, it will be terrible. There are many special shampoos on the market to treat this condition, but they are expensive and cannot be used for a long time. At this time, curing scalp fungus with salt water will be the most trusted method because it is easy to implement, benign and especially extremely effective. According to dermatologists, the treatment of scalp fungus is not too complicated, but it often recurs many times, so you need to be persistent and note the following: Remove or disinfect all old items such as hats, towels, pillowcases, blankets, sheets, etc. Check the pH in the water source. Pets like cats and dogs will often carry the fungus, so you need to take them to have their skin checked. Minimize contact with people with fungal infections to avoid cross-infection during treatment. Most importantly, you must see a doctor to accurately evaluate the scalp disease, the type of fungus you are suffering from.

2. Effective ways to treat scalp fungus with salt water.

We can completely use salt water to support the treatment of scalp fungus. This folk method has been applied for many generations and proved to be quite effective. Don’t let scalp fungus affect your quality of life any further!

2.1. Traditional brine of Dr.Mui

cách trị nấm da đầu bằng nước muối0.9% NaCl solution is affordable, good quality, safe.

Dr.Muối physiological saline is distilled from natural sea salt, so there are original mineral salts available: Calcium, Maggie, Potassium… Besides, the source of distilled water is also guaranteed to be pure when exploited in The groundwater is deep and multistage filtered, osmotic filtration, deodorization, ion exchange and UV sterilization treatment based on Culligan technology of Italy and USA.

As a result, the physiological saline of Dr.Muoi is clearly effective in supporting the treatment of dental problems, sore throat, gingivitis, reducing bad breath, eliminating bacteria, keeping natural breath. And especially has a positive effect on the treatment of scalp fungal diseases.


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2.2. Treat fungus with dilute salt water

trị nấm da đầu bằng nước muối pha loãngDiluted salt water well supports the treatment of hair fungus

To be both effective and not to dehydrate the scalp, you should use diluted saline or physiological saline during the procedure. In addition to mild anti-inflammatory and antifungal effects, 0.9% NaCl solution is also surprisingly effective when treating dark spots, exfoliating dead cells, cleaning dirt on the skin, improving gingivitis caused by bacteria, … The real way is also quite simple with the following basic steps:

Step 1: Prepare diluted brine at the rate of 9 grams of salt per 1 liter of purified water. Or the simplest is you use physiological saline products of Dr.Muoi.
Step 2: Wash your head thoroughly with water and regular or special shampoo.
Step 3: Use diluted saline or physiological saline to wash and incubate for about 20 to 30 minutes and then rinse with water.
Step 4: Maintain this course from 3 to 4 weeks, perform about 3 to 4 times per week. Combined with healthy eating and doctor’s instructions, inflammation, scalp fungus, dandruff, hair loss will improve markedly.

2.3 Treat fungus with salt and alum

trị nấm da đầu bằng nước muối và phèn chuaThe duo of alum and salt have outstanding antiseptic and scalp cleaning abilities.

Use salt in combination with alum to optimize the treatment of scalp fungus. According to experience from folklore, this compound gives double the ability to beat dandruff and scalp inflammation. Because salt and alum both have very strong antiseptic properties. Before we do, we need to prepare:

Ingredients: Pure salt, alum, 2 liters of purified water.
Steps to take

Method 1: Combine alum, salt in the ratio 2/1 and dissolve in 2 liters of purified water. First we need to wash the dirt thoroughly with water, ordinary shampoo. After that, take the solution that just broke and wash again, then incubate the hair for 20 to 30 minutes. Finally, rinse your hair, pat it dry and let it dry naturally.

Method 2: We will do the same phase formula as the first way. But proceed to dip cotton dipped alum – salt solution on the affected hair area. Next, you need to incubate your hair for 30 minutes and then rinse with water.

The second way saves you money but is equally effective. The most important thing is that you need to be persistent in doing it to achieve the desired effect.

2.4 Treat fungus with salt and lemon

chanh và nước muối điều trị nấm da đầuSalt and lemon are both cheap but highly effective ingredients in treating hair fungus.

Salt and lemon are the two most commonly used ingredients for bleaching and dispelling unpleasant body odors. However, not many people know that, when combined, salt and lemon can help improve the condition of scalp fungus quickly.

Ingredients: 2 teaspoons salt, half a lemon.
Implementation steps:

You mix lemon juice, salt in warm water to cool. Before using a cotton ball to dip the lemon juice – salt mixture, you need to keep your scalp clean. After that, you continue to incubate your hair for more than 20 minutes and then rinse with clean water. In terms of time, the course and the effect are similar to the fungal treatments that Dr. Salt mentioned above.

3. Some notes when treating scalp fungus with salt water.

không nên lạm dụng nước muối trị nấm da đầuThe abuse of salt water that is not mixed with the correct concentration will dehydrate the scalp.

Although treating scalp fungus with salt water is not complicated. However, when performing the procedure, you need to pay attention to the following things to achieve the best results:

The concentration of salt water is only from less than 0.9%. If it is too high, it will cause dryness, peeling, and loss of scalp moisture. To be sure, you should use Dr.Mui’s salt water.
Persist in doing for 3 to 4 weeks continuously for best results. However, if you find that the condition is worse, you should stop immediately because your body may not be suitable for this method.
Eliminate and isolate all possible sources of scalp fungal infections.

Hopefully, Dr.Muoi has given you more information and motivation to continue fighting this stubborn disease. Good luck!

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