What is the disease of the innermost gums? Causes and treatments

Swelling of the innermost gums causes dull and long-lasting pain, which interferes with eating, communicating as well as other daily activities. Let’s go with Dr. Find out what the swelling of the innermost gums is a manifestation of what disease, should and shouldn’t do when experiencing the same swelling of the gums.

1. Causes of swelling of the innermost gums

There are many causes of swelling of the innermost gums, but the most common are the following 3 reasons:
Swollen wisdom gums
Erupting wisdom teeth has the ability to make the gums red and swollen at the corner of the jaw, the position next to the last teeth of the jaw. When wisdom teeth only partially erupt and grow through the gums, bacteria will take the opportunity to invade and infect the tissues surrounding the teeth, forming wisdom gums. Accompanied by a dull, constant and long-lasting pain.
sưng nướu răng bên trong cùng
Đau nhức và sưng nướu răng trong cùng do răng khôn mọc ngầm
Swollen wisdom gums also occur when wisdom teeth grow crooked or grow underground, “squeezing” adjacent teeth, making these teeth weak, loose and susceptible to infection. At the same time, this pushed tooth is at risk of tooth loss in some cases when the condition worsens.
Periodontitis, gingivitis
Food and plaque can accumulate into tartar in the inner teeth in the same places you don’t pay attention to cleaning. Over a long period of time, tartar creates favorable conditions for bacteria to grow and release toxins that cause irritation, infection and swelling of the innermost gums. This is also one of the main causes of periodontitis and gingivitis.
nguyên nhân sưng nướu răng bên trong cùng
The cause of swollen gums comes from many cases
Periodontitis and gingivitis cause pain, difficulty in eating and drinking, adversely affecting oral health. Not only that, this is also a precursor to other bad health diseases such as increasing the risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes and premature birth in pregnant women,…
Bad habits every day
Choosing the wrong toothbrush, brushing too hard will cause the gums to be damaged and reddened.

Improper oral care is also easy to damage enamel, tooth surface and gums, contributing to oral diseases, among which is the common swelling of the gums.

tại sao sưng nướu răng bên trong cùng
Daily habits that are bad for your teeth

2. How to fix the swelling of the innermost gums

As soon as you feel pain or detect swelling of the innermost gums, visit your dentist to check and determine the condition in time. Your dentist will advise on the most appropriate treatment for you, possibly some common measures as follows:
How to treat swollen gums caused by wisdom teeth
In mild cases, your dentist may suggest that you treat swollen wisdom gums at home. While not a complete substitute for professional treatments, they will help alleviate or eliminate most discomforts.
The most important thing is proper oral hygiene. Brush and floss your teeth after each meal. Note to clean the oral cavity 2-3 times / day with mouthwash, physiological saline or diluted salt water.
To disinfect as well as create a soothing feeling for swollen gums, mouthwash is always the preferred choice. And when it comes to benign mouthwash, with user-friendly natural ingredients, Dr. Salt.

nước súc miệng chữa răng khôn trong cùng

Dr.Salt mouthwash effectively cures gingivitis

Dr.Muối. mouthwash contains minerals and natural mineral salts to help clean the oral cavity, smell good and protect your teeth safely. Especially the product is affordable and can be bought by Dr. Salt at convenience store chains, pharmacies, supermarkets or online shopping is easy and fast.
In addition, if the swelling of wisdom gums is severe, depending on the severity, the doctor may advise treatment by methods such as pain control, gum separation, removal of gum tissue or tooth extraction.
How to treat swollen gums due to periodontitis and gingivitis
To quickly relieve the pain of periodontitis, gingivitis, salt water or used tea bags, … can be used as a temporary remedy. After that, you should go to the dentist for a dental examination, to check the exact condition of the disease and the appropriate treatment.

khám sưng nướu răng bên trong cùng

In addition, always pay attention to proper oral care, avoid leaving food particles in the interdental spaces, not giving bacteria the opportunity to grow and cause infection.
How to treat swollen gums due to damaged teeth
Bad habits that are easy to damage your teeth should be eliminated today. Use dental floss instead of toothpicks. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and brush your teeth with gentle movements so as not to injure the gums.
Hopefully the above information can help you understand the swelling of the innermost gums and get a reasonable treatment method. In addition, daily oral hygiene also helps reduce the possibility of swollen gums. Let Dr. Salt helps you eliminate bacteria in your mouth and keep your breath fresh. Find and buy Dr. Salt at:
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