Which way is CORONAVIRUS-induced COVID 19 most susceptible to transmission?

The coronavirus is a virus that causes infection in humans with a degree of rapid spread in the community. So which way is the coronavirus primarily transmitted? Please join Dr. Salt to find out the answer through the article below!

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Find out about how the coronavirus is transmitted.

1. Which way the coronavirus is transmitted when in close contact

Coronavirus covid 19 is most contagious when you have close contact with an infected person or suspected coronavirus infection within about 6 feet (1,8288 meters). Besides, you can also become infected when exposed to droplets (sneezing, chatting, singing, coughing,…) from the respiratory tract of someone with Covid at close range.

Therefore, keep a distance of 2m and must wear a mask when interacting with anyone, not just people with Covid 19. In this way, you can protect the health of yourself and others.

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The coronavirus is commonly spread by close contact.

2. The coronavirus can be spread through the air.

In addition to infection with close contact, the coronavirus can also spread through the air. This spread comes from viruses that are exposed in the form of small particles or small droplets. These droplets will usually be able to survive in the air for minutes, even hours.
The coronavirus, which is transmitted through the air, can infect people far away from patients infected with Covid, which is more than 6 feet away.

3. Coronavirus can spread to people exposed to infected surfaces

Droplets from people with Covid may also fall on objects or surfaces. If you touch surfaces or objects that are infected with the virus, it is likely that you will also be infected. For the way of transmission due to contact with infected surfaces is assessed to be uncommon in the Covid 19 outbreak.

4. The coronavirus rarely spreads between humans and animals.

Human-to-animal transmission of the coronavirus is considered rare. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are a small number of pets in the world declared to be infected with the coronavirus, which causes Covid 19.
In cases where people infected with Covid spread to animals are assessed at a very low rate.
With the above information, you must also know the path that the coronavirus spreads mainly close contact.

Therefore, you should take the initiative, self-consciously implement the correct and safe 5K standard of the Ministry of Health including: Mask – Disinfection – Distance – Unfocused – Medical declaration.

Besides, you should rinse your mouth with salt water to disinfect your throat well, avoiding sore throat. This is also one of the measures recommended by the Ministry of Health.

phương thức lây lan của virus covidUse Dr. Salt mouthwash to disinfect the throat well.The above is the information and also the answer to the question of which way the coronavirus is transmitted to you that Dr. Salt shares with you. Hopefully, you will remember and propagate to relatives, friends and everyone around you to join hands to prevent and combat covid 19 epidemic well! See you in the following articles!

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