Why do teeth have black plaque? Suggestions for 9 super-fast cleaning methods

Teeth with black plaque cause cosmetic loss and lead to many dental diseases. There are many simple ways to clean black stains on teeth for you to choose and apply. Here is a detailed guide to help you quickly regain white, clean, beautiful teeth.

1. Causes of teeth with black plaque

Why do teeth have black plaque? Black plaque at the roots is actually a natural thin film that forms continuously on the teeth. At first, this plaque will be a bit greasy, so it is easy to combine with food as well as bacteria on the teeth.

For a long time this plaque is not cleaned. They will be calcified and rigid. The main cause of this calcification is the impact of the acidic environment in the oral cavity.

răng bị mảng bám đenCauses of black plaque on teeth

The cause of teeth with black plaque is also tartar. Tartar is usually ivory white, yellow, brown or black. Tartar surface rough and rough. So when chewing colored foods, they will stick to the teeth. Since then, tartar gradually becomes dull. The most obvious manifestation is in people who regularly smoke.

Not only that, when tartar turns black, it also forms thick and large plaques, harder than the original tartar. In addition, tartar not only exists on the surface of the teeth but also spreads down to the gums.

2. What are the harmful effects of teeth with black plaque?

Teeth with black plaque make the teeth unsightly. Not only that, these plaques are also the cause of many other dangerous diseases. Therefore, this situation should not be taken lightly. As can be seen, plaque on teeth affects the following aspects:

– Affects communication

Bacteria on tartar are the cause of bad breath. Bad breath makes you lose confidence when communicating with people.

hơi thở có mùi vì mảng bám chân răng
Bad breath makes you afraid to open your mouth to talk

– Causes gingivitis

The plaque on the teeth for a long time will lead to gingivitis. This is a favorable condition that causes oral diseases such as bleeding gums, pain and swelling of the gums. It may get worse when you chew food and or touch it while rinsing.

In addition, the black plaque at the roots of the teeth also creates conditions for bacteria to attack the exposed gums due to gingivitis.

– Risk of tooth loss

Tartar builds up too much and is not removed, increasing the risk of early tooth loss.

mảng bám đen ở chân răng
Plaque increases the risk of early tooth loss

– Cause other diseases

In tartar there are many bacteria, especially tartar that has turned black. These bacteria will easily follow the bloodstream into the body when the gums are inflamed. This leads to lung and cardiovascular diseases.

3. How to fix when teeth have black plaque
3.1 How to clean at home

There are many ways to remove black stains on teeth. This includes the following ways:

– Use mouthwash

Using diluted salt water is the most common way to clean black plaque on teeth at home. Salt has the effect of cleaning, eliminating bacteria in the mouth, avoiding common dental diseases.

However, the ratio of mixing salt water mouthwash is not exactly done by everyone. Sometimes too much or too little salt reduces the effectiveness of this homemade mouthwash. Therefore to bring the best teeth cleaning effect, mouthwash Dr Muối It’s a good choice for everyone.

loại bỏ mảng bám đen trên răngUse Dr. Salt mouthwash to help clean your teeth

Dr Salt mouthwash is made from natural sea salt, containing essential minerals for teeth such as Ca, Mg, K, 0.9% sodium chloride and sodium benzoate to help remove bacteria and clean the oral cavity. The product also helps eliminate bad breath, keeping breath fresh. The pure water content is just enough to help you rest assured to use it right away.

– Clean the plaque on the teeth with lemon

Lemon has the effect of removing dirt, yellowing and cleaning black plaque on teeth very well. The method is very simple, just squeeze a lemon to get the juice and then use a brush soaked in lemon juice to rub it on your teeth. Scrub thoroughly between teeth and then rinse mouth with clean water.

– Use salt to clean

Directly using white salt sprinkled on the brush to scrub teeth is also the way black plaque on teeth is applied by many people. Fine salt helps to remove bacteria as well as plaque on teeth. Then rinse your mouth with clean water to feel the results.

– Use baking soda

Baking soda has long been known for its effective whitening effects. Not only that, using baking soda to clean your teeth also removes the maximum amount of black plaque on your teeth. The method is quite simple: put baking soda directly on the toothbrush to scrub your teeth or mix with a little lemon juice to form a paste like toothpaste to use. After scrubbing is complete, you will see a clear cleaning and whitening effect.

– Clean the black plaque on the teeth by regularly eating sugarcane

Sugarcane has cellulose fibers, so when chewing, they also effectively remove the condition of teeth with black plaque. The rubbing against the tooth surface of the cane fibers cleans the teeth, especially between the teeth. At the same time, sugarcane also helps to improve tooth color, making teeth brighter and whiter. Therefore, you should regularly use it to improve oral health.

cách tẩy mảng bám đen trên răngEating sugarcane helps to clean food plaque on teeth
– Increase the intake of crunchy fruits and vegetables

In the fruit contains malic acid, nitric acid, … are substances that work to dislodge black plaque on teeth. Fruits rich in this substance such as apples, citrus, strawberries, celery, … When eating these fruits, you chew well. They work like a scrub brush and remove food residue around the roots of the teeth. At the same time, it also works to prevent the formation of black dots and plaque on teeth.

cách làm sạch mảng bám đen trên răngEating a lot of fruit not only provides vitamins but also cleans teeth and smells good
– Use tangerine peel to clean black plaque

You will certainly be surprised by the use of dried tangerine peels for your teeth. Tangerine peel is dried and then ground into a fine powder. Then mix tangerine peel powder into the toothpaste and use as usual. This is a folk method to remove black stains on teeth effectively, used a long time ago.

3.2 How to clean at the dental office?

Go to the dentist to remove black stains on teeth safely and quickly. Because calcified tartar is very hard, a full set of tartar equipment is required to ensure that your teeth remain strong and undamaged after the procedure. In addition, for teeth that are discolored, teeth whitening should be done to radically improve the condition of the teeth. Some ways to clean black stains on teeth at the dentist’s office are:

– Remove tartar with ultrasonic waves

To help clean teeth, regain shine and remove black stains on teeth. Currently, ultrasonic technology helps to remove tartar very quickly.

Unlike the old method of taking tartar, taking tartar with ultrasonic waves will create vibrations on the tip of the machine. This vibration causes the plaque on the teeth to loosen easily. The procedure is completely painless or uncomfortable.

mảng bám đen trên răngRemove black stains on teeth with ultrasonic waves
Using Laser Whitening technology to whiten teeth

This is the most modern technology today, recognized to meet international medical standards. Teeth whitening with Laser Whitening technology helps you feel the immediate effect and is safe for your health.

The bleach and light of this method are controlled to a safe level. So suitable for most cases of teeth whitening and does not cause any irritation when applied. Therefore, the enamel is still protected to the maximum, the teeth remain strong and do not suffer from sensitivity. What’s more, this technology is effective for up to 5 years or more with proper oral care.

In case of teeth with black plaque, tartar is the best method. This method helps the teeth regain their aesthetics as well as limit dental diseases. If you take tartar but cannot remove all the black plaque, you should use the bleaching method. This will help effectively remove the unpleasant plaque on the teeth.

Hopefully, through this article, you have learned more ways to fix teeth with black plaque effectively. Wish you choose for yourself the method that is suitable and effective for you.

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