Answer: Does gargling with salt water whiten teeth?

Salt water is a common and very effective measure to prevent and treat oral diseases, to help strengthen teeth and gums. Many people still wonder if salt water mouthwash can whiten teeth? Dr.Muoi will help you find the answer in the article below.

súc miệng nước muối có làm trắng răng
The truth is gargling with salt water to whiten teeth

1. Uses of salt water for teeth

Doctors have confirmed that gargling with salt water every day is the best way to protect teeth. The effect of salt water is antiseptic, preventing and treating diseases such as gingivitis, tooth decay, sore throat, bad breath, etc. Salt water is also benign to health, helping to limit bleeding gums. , helps strengthen teeth.

súc miệng nước muối có trắng răng không
Salt water helps to disinfect, prevent dental disease

2. Does salt water gargle whiten teeth?

Salt water has high bactericidal properties, helping to effectively remove stains on teeth. Besides preventing tooth decay, gargling with salt water regularly also helps you have brighter and cleaner teeth. There are two ways to help whiten teeth with salt:

  • Gargle: Use dilute salt water or physiological saline with appropriate concentration to gargle every day.
  • Brush with salt: Helps the surface of the teeth to be cleaner and brighter. Should use a salt that is smooth and easy to dissolve, brush teeth gently. Do not use large, hard salt.
súc miệng nước muối làm trắng răng không
Gargle with salt water every day for optimal results

3. Notes when gargling with salt water at home

Not everyone knows how to properly mix salt water mouthwash, here are a few notes for you:

  • Make your own salt water, so use clean water and pay attention to the concentration: too light salt water is not effective, too salty is not good for health.
  • Do not use high-concentration salt water or suck salt directly, it will damage the cells lining the throat, and in the long run, it will also cause an excess of salt in the body.
  • Rinse your mouth with filtered water after using salt water to clean the oral cavity.

So does salt water mouthwash whiten teeth? The answer is yes. Gargling with salt water daily helps you have clean teeth and prevents many diseases if maintained for a long time.


cách súc miệng nước muối
Mouthwash Dr. Salt for oral hygiene, fresh breath

In addition to making salt water to rinse your mouth at home, you can choose to buy ready-made salt water Dr.Muối with a concentration of 0.9 % Sodium Chloride. Ingredients from natural sea salt and minerals help keep the oral cavity clean and fragrant. The product is recommended by experts for daily oral hygiene for children aged 6 years and older. Currently, you can buy Dr.Muoi mouthwash at Bach Hoa Xanh stores nationwide.

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