Pregnant women have gingivitis covering their wisdom teeth and what you need to know

Gingivitis covering wisdom teeth during pregnancy can happen to pregnant women because this is an extremely sensitive stage of a woman’s body. So what to do when gingivitis covers wisdom teeth during pregnancy? Let’s learn about this issue through the following article.

1. What is gingivitis during pregnancy??

Gingivitis during pregnancy is a condition in which the gums cover the entire wisdom tooth, preventing the trapped tooth from erupting. This is a fairly common condition during pregnancy because the mother’s body is extremely sensitive at this time, the hormones have the most drastic changes.

viêm lợi trùm răng khôn khi mang thai

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt, so there is little room to grow. When wisdom teeth grow, it will compress other teeth around, shifting other teeth in the jaw, resulting in teeth that are no longer straight. Because wisdom teeth are difficult to erupt because the gums and teeth have developed stably, so it often grows underground, covered by the gum, leading to swelling and pain.

2. Signs when pregnant women have gingivitis covering wisdom teeth

Gingivitis covering wisdom teeth during pregnancy makes pregnant women feel uncomfortable and painful. This is a complication of wisdom teeth eruption, so symptoms of the disease also include symptoms of wisdom teeth eruption. Pregnant women can rely on these signs to get timely treatment.

– Swollen inner tooth

Wisdom teeth are trapped, erupting, causing the gums there to swell and become red. Swollen gums can be extremely uncomfortable. Especially when chewing food or working with the mouth and tongue touching the swollen gum area. Therefore, gingivitis covering wisdom teeth during pregnancy makes it difficult for pregnant women to eat and drink.

– Pain in the adjacent tooth

Eruption of wisdom teeth not only causes swelling of the innermost gums but also spreads to other teeth. The bacteria attack the adjacent teeth, damaging them and causing pain on one side of the jaw.

Many pregnant women have difficulty with gingivitis covering wisdom teeth. The pain not only makes it difficult to eat, but also makes it difficult to sleep because the pain lasts day and night without stopping. If this situation persists, the health of pregnant women will be seriously affected.

viêm lợi trùm răng khôn khi có thai

– Mouth smells

Infected gums are favorable conditions for Porphyromonas gingivalis (P.gingivalis) bacteria to attack. Bad breath is caused by this bacteria. So gingivitis covering wisdom teeth during pregnancy will have bad breath. This makes you lose confidence in communication.

– Fever and swollen lymph nodes in the neck

Wisdom teeth are covered by gums, making pregnant women prone to fever. Because at this time, the gums are inflamed and infected, leading to a fever. And if there is swelling in the neck lymph nodes, it is a sign that you have problems with your teeth.

3. Is gingivitis dangerous during pregnancy?

Gingivitis covering wisdom teeth is actually a phenomenon where wisdom teeth grow underground, causing gingivitis, making you uncomfortable and painful, not causing a life-threatening situation. However, this is different if gingivitis covers wisdom teeth during pregnancy. Because it greatly affects the health of mother and baby during pregnancy.

The swelling of the gums, creating a gap between the gums and tooth number 7 is the most suitable place for food to get stuck. This area is difficult to clean because the brush does not always clean every corner of the mouth. Food that accumulates for a long time will be harmful to teeth.

viêm lợi răng khôn lúc mang thai
Pregnant women with gingivitis cause many inconveniences in life

If you encounter a situation of gingivitis covering wisdom teeth during pregnancy, you should immediately go to a reputable medical facility or dental clinic to receive timely treatment, to avoid wisdom teeth erupting and growing underground for a long time. cause swelling, infection of the gums and affect the adjacent teeth.

Pregnant women with wisdom tooth gingivitis will have more trouble than the average person because you not only feed yourself but also have to raise a fetus in the womb. The pain caused by gingivitis over the wisdom teeth makes it difficult for pregnant women to eat and sleep. These are two important things to help both mother and baby develop healthy. Therefore, promptly handle the situation of wisdom teeth growing underground causing swelling and pain to ensure the health of mother and baby.

4. How to treat gingivitis during pregnancy

Severe wisdom tooth gingivitis is often prescribed by a doctor to take pain relievers, cut down swollen gums or remove wisdom teeth if necessary. However, gingivitis covering wisdom teeth during pregnancy cannot decide on its own how to treat, but it needs to be examined and consulted by a specialist doctor.

During pregnancy, taking western medicine is not good for the fetus. If you have a gum cut or tooth extraction, you can consider it if you are in the middle of pregnancy, between the 4th and 7th month.

viêm lợi trùm răng khôn khi có bầu

If in the first and third trimesters of pregnancy, the best solution is to clean your teeth and the inflamed area with natural ways at home. Because this stage of pregnancy is extremely sensitive, it can easily lead to abnormal reactions. Therefore, if you want to clean the inflamed gum area, you should use diluted salt water. Salt has a very good antiseptic effect and causes absolutely no side effects when used. Mixing water and white salt in a certain ratio and then using it to gargle will help you improve pain and swollen gums. If you can’t measure the exact ratio, you can use mouthwash Dr Muối.

Dr Salt mouthwash is made from natural sea salt containing minerals good for teeth such as Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium,… With pure water from underground water vessels treated with multi-layer deep filtration, With reverse osmosis filtration and ultraviolet sterilization, Dr Salt mouthwash helps to clean the oral cavity, eliminating bacteria that cause inflammation and bad breath. Thereby helping you reduce pain and no longer have bad breath. After brushing your teeth, you rinse your mouth with Dr. Salt mouthwash to help the inflammation of the gums covering the wisdom teeth to be better. The product is safe for pregnant women to use.

Hopefully through this article you know what gingivitis is during pregnancy as well as how to handle it safely. Please handle immediately to protect mother and baby develop safely.

chữa viêm lợi trùm răng khôn cho bà bầuUsing Dr. Salt mouthwash reduces pain caused by gingivitis and bad breath 

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