Tips to stay hydrated with salt water to treat bad breath are simple and effective that few people know

Treating bad breath with salt water is a simple, economical and effective way. Did you know that salt – a familiar spice in the kitchen is an effective way to improve bad breath? With only 2 recipes guided in this article, you can improve your breath and get rid of bad breath.

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1. Can salt water treat bad breath?

Treating bad breath with salt water is a method many people do because salt has a high antiseptic ability, reducing odor-causing bacteria. In life, salt water is still used when washing vegetables to help clean vegetables.

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Soaking in salt water effectively cures bad breath.

For teeth and oral cavity, salt has the effect of killing bacteria that cause bad breath, reducing swelling of gingivitis and helping to clear the throat and eliminate phlegm effectively. Therefore, in daily oral care, you should combine the use of salt water to treat bad breath.

2. Treat bad breath with salt water effectively

2.1 Diluted salt water

Use a little salt to dilute with water to form a solution to gargle daily, use after brushing teeth and after meals to kill bacteria in the oral cavity. This effective, safe and economical way to use salt water to treat bad breath can be applied every day.

Diluted salt water has the ability to penetrate each crevice of the teeth, wash away the plaque and help clean the tongue effectively. When bacteria are cleaned to the maximum extent, breath odor is also significantly improved. In addition, gargling with salt water also helps prevent tooth decay and sore throat.

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You can make your own brine or use Dr. Salt to treat bad breath.Note, when sucking salt water to cure bad breath, use only a sufficient amount of salt. If you mix a lot of concentrated salt water, it can make teeth sensitive and gums hurt. You should refer to the instructions on how to mix salt water mouthwash to get the right mouthwash mixture.

If making a saline solution to rinse your mouth takes up a lot of time, you can choose a more convenient solution with Dr.Muoi’s products. The saline solution is mixed with a standard formula, helping to clean teeth effectively and conveniently.

2.2 Combination of alcohol and salt water to cure bad breath

The next way to treat bad breath with salt water that you can apply is to combine salt with alcohol at the same time. The essence of alcohol is to disinfect wounds. Therefore, alcohol helps to kill bacteria effectively. Alcohol used to treat bad breath should choose an alcohol with a mild concentration, ranging from 50 to 70 degrees.

How to treat bad breath with salt water and alcohol as follows:

  • Use a cotton ball soaked in a little alcohol and then wipe each tooth root and between the teeth.
  • Then, use toothpaste to brush your teeth as usual.
  • Finally, use diluted salt water to rinse your mouth again.

dùng nước muối chữa hôi miệngCombining alcohol with salt water also helps improve bad breath.

This method includes many steps, but if done regularly, regularly will bring unexpected results in reducing bad breath.

Above are 2 simple and effective ways to treat bad breath with salt water that anyone can apply at home to help clean and freshen breath. To apply these two ways, you can refer to Dr.Muoi’s salt water treatment for bad breath.


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