Instructions for taking care of children’s teeth properly according to each age

Statistics of the National Institute of Odonto-Stomatology recently showed that the number of children in Vietnam with tooth decay is on the rise. Notably, up to 80% of children aged 4 – 8 years have tooth decay and more than 90% of children do not have proper oral hygiene.

Brushing your teeth every day should be a habit that any child should be guided by their parents to protect their teeth. However, brushing or improper oral hygiene will be an opportunity for bacteria to grow and attack the gums, attacking the teeth and wearing away the enamel layer. The following article will guide parents in detail on how to properly care for children’s teeth from 1 to 9 years old.

chăm sóc răng miệng cho trẻ
Proper dental care helps children stay healthy and confident

1/ Causes of dental disease in children

1.1. Adults are subjective when taking care of children’s teeth

Many parents are not really aware of the importance of taking care of their children’s teeth from a young age, thinking that their children are still young and do not need to brush their teeth every day.

This easily leads to tooth decay in children, not only affecting their oral health temporarily, but also leaving lasting disadvantages for children in the future: other health problems, low self-esteem when communicate.

1.2. Abuse of canned food, fast food

The eating habits of Vietnamese people have changed quite a lot according to the fast pace of modern life.

The fresh foods of the past are gradually being replaced by fast food, canned food, instant food, and sugary bottled drinks. Children who follow this diet are also prone to dental problems.

1.3. Habit of consuming foods and drinks with high sugar content

One of the common causes of tooth decay in children is that the sugar residue in food combines with saliva to form plaque on the teeth.
If you do not take good care of your children’s teeth every day, these plaques will develop and destroy tooth enamel, causing tooth decay.
At the same time, if this situation is prolonged, tartar causing gingivitis will form, more serious can cause children to lose teeth when not promptly treated.
chăm sóc răng miệng cho bé
Minimizing sweets is an easy and effective way to care for children’s teeth

2/ Potential risks when children have dental disease

Dental experts have confirmed that tooth decay and gingivitis can lead to other health problems in adulthood: cerebrovascular disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hardening of the arteries, diabetes. respiration, bone glass, premature birth, slow fetal development…
It is essential to follow proper dental care for children from the time the first teeth come in.
Because baby teeth are very important in children’s daily eating and communication, they have an impact on the development of the jawbone as well as keeping the place, helping the permanent teeth to grow properly, evenly and beautifully.

Baby teeth have a lifespan of 6 to 12 years and are replaced one after the other, not simultaneously. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of children’s teeth regularly and properly, and take them to the dentist for regular check-ups. If a child is found to have tooth decay or other dental disease, it is necessary for the child to be treated immediately, to avoid long-term exposure to serious illness, forcing the tooth to be extracted.

chăm sóc răng miệng cho trẻ em
Proper dental care helps limit the risk of tooth decay and tooth loss
In addition, the early loss of teeth forces children to eat without chewing properly, the jawbone is difficult to develop, making the face unbalanced.
At the same time, the teeth near the extracted one may be displaced, causing the permanent teeth to grow misaligned, grow obliquely or even cannot grow, forcing interventions to correct.
These problems not only cause difficulties for children but also cost parents money for the treatment and adjustment of children’s molars.

3/ Instructions for taking care of children’s teeth properly

As mentioned, taking care of children’s teeth properly and early is essential and important, both for children and parents.
There are many ways to protect and improve children’s oral health, such as paying attention to the selection of age-appropriate toothbrush and toothpaste, supporting, guiding and monitoring children to brush properly.
Clean children’s teeth with dental floss, minimizing the use of toothpicks. Pay attention to observe the situation of the front teeth to practice feeding the child with foods of suitable hardness to help the child’s teeth develop more comprehensively.
Here are some suggestions for dental care for children over time:
  • From 8 months to 2 years old: When your baby has not yet teethed or has just erupted a few first teeth (starting at the age of 8 months), clean the baby’s gums with a soft gauze soaked in warm water or diluted salt water.
  • From 3 to 6 years old: Children begin to grow molars and in turn replace permanent teeth. Parents can let children brush their own teeth every day and monitor their children’s oral care habits, making timely adjustments when children do not do it properly.
  • From 6 to 9 years old: Adults should still monitor the brushing of children’s teeth regularly and maintain regular dental check-ups.
cách chăm sóc răng miệng cho trẻ
Parents need to pay attention to take care of their children’s teeth properly


Creating interest in proper dental care for children
Brushing teeth for young children is a difficult action, sometimes can create an uncomfortable feeling, from which it is difficult to form a daily oral hygiene routine.
Parents should patiently explain to their children the importance of regular brushing and the harmful effects of damaged teeth. This will help your child feel more comfortable brushing their teeth regularly.
Here are also some simple and interesting ways of taking care of children’s teeth for children to practice on their own:
  • Children should make a good impression on the dentist and routine dental check-ups. Periodic dental check-ups for children every 3 months. Do not threaten to take your child to the dentist to have their teeth extracted if the child is not obedient.
  • Give praise after children brush their teeth, make them think positively about this habit, children will be interested in taking care of their teeth properly to have healthier and more beautiful teeth.
  • Choose age-appropriate toothbrush and toothpaste. It is advisable to prepare several flavors of toothpaste and several different toothbrushes so that children have more choices.
  • Brushing together with children to help them get used to a fixed brushing time, can teach children to count numbers to make sure they brush enough time.
  • Create a habit for children to use mouthwash to brush their teeth to eliminate bacteria and help deodorize the oral cavity.
One of the most important steps to taking care of your child’s teeth properly, Dr. Salt is an indispensable product to help maintain oral health not only for the baby but also for all family members.

Dr Muoi mouthwash helps children take care of their teeth effectively at home

Dr.Muối with natural sea salt ingredients available with minerals such as Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium… and the purity of the groundwater is strictly treated to ensure that it helps users eliminate bacteria and prevent sore throat and tooth decay. effective. The product is suitable for children 6 years and older.

chăm sóc răng miệng cho trẻ nhỏ
Nước súc miệng Dr. Muối – Phương pháp bảo vệ răng miệng hiệu quả

Hopefully the information in this article will help you better understand how to care for your child’s teeth as well as choose the right products for your family. You can buy Dr.Mui at Vinmart+, Bach Hoa Xanh, Guardian, An Khang Pharmacy, Long Chau Pharmacy, .. in big cities like Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Can Tho, Da Nang.

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