What is gingivitis? How to recognize and treat thoroughly

Gingivitis is not a new oral disease, but many people are still confused and not fully understood. Therefore, in this article we will share detailed information about this disease as well as effective and thorough treatments.

1. What is the status of the boss?  

viêm lợi trùm răng

Gingivitis is a condition in which the gums cover the surface of the teeth. The gum can cover or cover only part of the tooth. Normally, when teeth come in, this part of the gums will gradually disappear. However, there are still a few cases where this crown becomes larger and covers the tooth, hindering the growth of the tooth. From there, they cause pain to the patient.

In the long run, when the teeth come in, pushing a part of the gum will create a space under the gums. In this case, if the patient does not take care of and clean their teeth properly, you will most likely face gingivitis and redness.

Lược bỏ lợi ích là gì?

Đây là một liên quan bệnh đến sự phát triển của răng không. Khi răng khôn mọc lên, không ngừng phát triển vào phần lợi cản trở bên trong có thể khiến lợi bị tổn hại, thậm chí là viêm nhiễm, nhiễm trùng nặng.

tình trạng viêm lợi trùm

Usually, the condition of the gums without teething can heal in about 3-4 days. In many cases, there may be a fever. At this point, you need to go to the dentist right away for an examination.

What is purulent gingivitis?

The cause of purulent gingivitis is due to gum bacteria forming a beak, causing the tissues around the root and crown to become inflamed and infected. The reason this situation occurs may be because when you eat and drink, you do not clean your teeth thoroughly so that the leftover food is stuck in the inflamed gums. This is a favorable environment for bacteria to nest and attack the gums, especially the part of the gums that are damaged by the teeth that do not erupt.

When the wisdom teeth are covered with pus, they need to be treated promptly and properly, otherwise the wound can quickly spread, causing damage to the surrounding tissues. Even destroy these tissues. The worst case scenario will cause serious damage to both teeth and jawbone.

Signs of purulent gingivitis

  • Red swollen gums: This is the most noticeable sign. The cause of gingivitis is because when wisdom teeth grow straight up, they are blocked by the gums. At that time, the wisdom teeth will stab directly into this part of the gums, causing the gums to swell, become red, and painful.The pain is more pronounced when pressing on the gum. You can even see the gums are bleeding and pus
  • Toothache: If you have gingivitis covering your wisdom teeth, you may also feel a prolonged toothache. Even just opening your mouth or swallowing saliva can cause pain. When signs of inflammation become more severe, even the area around the crown and jaw will be affected
    Fever, swollen lymph nodes: As mentioned, some cases of gum disease can cause fever. In addition, in the corner of the jaw may also be painful, swollen, and lymph nodes appear in the neck, indicating signs of infection
  • Drooling: When the inflammation is severe, the gums are swollen and painful, making it difficult to close the mouth. Therefore, you are also more prone to salivation and in the mouth, saliva has a bad smell

bị viêm lợi trùm răng khôn

2. How to treat gingivitis safely and effectively

Gargle with salt water

Using salt water to rinse your mouth can also help treat gum disease. For the most convenience, you should buy mouthwash Dr.Muối Contains ingredients from natural sea salt to suck on when in pain. At the same time, you can also use Dr.Salt mouthwash to clean your teeth every day to help remove bacteria and food plaque that the brushing process cannot clean and bring fresher breath. .


điều trị viêm lợi trùm răng bằng nước muốiShould use Dr.Salt mouthwash to treat gingivitis over wisdom teeth

Dr.Mui gingivitis mouthwash has been mixed in a safe concentration, suitable for all users, including pregnant women and children from 6 years of age and older. The product is packaged in a bottle so it is very convenient.

Wisdom tooth extraction

This is also a very popular way to cure the boss, and is considered a radical problem-solving method, ensuring this situation will never recur. In addition, when removing wisdom teeth, it can also create space for the jaw to make cleaning easier.

Cut boss profit

One of the most effective ways to treat gum disease over wisdom teeth is cutting the gums. This is a minor dental surgery performed with the purpose of removing the growing gums that cover the empty teeth, creating space for the wisdom teeth to continue to grow straight.

cắt lợi trùm

How to perform gingival cutting is as follows: Clean the oral cavity, administer anesthesia at the part of the gums to be operated on. Use Laser to cut boss benefits. You may feel some pain, swelling, or light bleeding after surgery, which is normal. This condition will go away after about 1-2 weeks when the gums have recovered.

Treatment with antibiotics

If the gum area is red and swollen, you will probably be examined by a dentist, disinfected and prescribed antibiotics. Taking antibiotics is also an effective treatment for gingivitis over wisdom teeth to help resolve the temporary inflammation. The duration of taking antibiotics usually lasts about 5 days. After completing the prescribed medication, the inflammation will calm down and stabilize. However, the disease can still recur in the future.

3. Answer questions about the treatment of purulent wisdom tooth gingivitis

Does gingivitis go away on its own?

There are quite a few people who wonder if gingivitis can go away on its own. The disease can go away on its own after about 3-4 days if the gums are only mildly inflamed and not infected. However, this inflammation will continue to recur as the wisdom teeth develop.

điều trị viêm lợi trùm

In case, if the gums grow over the exposed teeth, it will cause food to fall and get stuck. Thereby creating conditions for bacteria to grow, attack and cause infection. At this time, it is imperative to apply treatment methods if you do not want the disease to worsen.

Does cutting the boss’ gums completely solve the inflammation?

It is a fact that cutting the boss’ gums can not always completely solve the inflammation. This method of treatment of gingivitis is only suitable for implementation in cases where the patient has almost completely erupted wisdom teeth and has no history of gingivitis.

However, after cutting the gums, this part of the gums can still grow back and cover the wisdom teeth. Even, they can also lead to some dangerous complications for patients such as: gingivitis, pulpitis, inflammation of the body around the wisdom teeth, … Therefore, wisdom tooth extraction is still recommended by dentists. more encouraging.

What to eat when gingivitis boss?

  • Foods rich in vitamins and fiber such as green vegetables, easy-to-eat soft fruits (banana, avocado, …)
  • Green tea has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties
  • Foods containing a lot of minerals and calcium such as meat, fish, eggs, milk
  • Soft foods help minimize the impact on the inflamed and vulnerable gums.

trà xanh tốt cho lợi

Gingivitis what to eat?

When you have gum disease, there are some foods that you should avoid to avoid making the disease worse, including:

  • Foods containing a lot of sugar such as cakes, candies, etc.
  • Carbonated drinks such as soft drinks, beer
  • Foods that are too hot, too cold or too spicy
  • Stimulant drinks and foods such as tobacco, coffee, etc.

Here is some information about gingivitis. Surely through this article you have understood what this disease is, how dangerous it is and how to treat it. So, when you get sick, get treatment quickly. If you are interested in Dr.Mui products in the article, you can buy them online on Lazada for home delivery. The product is highly appreciated by the medical community for its safety and effective treatment of gingivitis.

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