What to eat for toothache? Top 10 foods to avoid eating when you have a toothache

Diet has a great influence on the teeth, especially those who have experienced toothache due to inflammation of the tooth root, tooth decay… So what to eat with toothache? In this article, let’s learn together with Dr.Muoi about the top 10 foods to avoid when having a toothache.

1. Toothache should abstain from what?

Toothache causes a lot of pain and difficulty in eating and drinking for people with tooth decay. To reduce pain caused by toothache, we should abstain from certain foods such as: foods containing a lot of sugar, starch, acids, limit eating hot and spicy foods when toothaches, carbonated drinks or cold foods such as ice cream. , tough meat. If you do not abstain from these foods, the toothache will be even more intense.

1.1 Abstain from foods high in sugar, starch and acid

Sugar and starch are the main causes of plaque on teeth. When these plaques accumulate, it will create favorable conditions for bacteria to grow and make your teeth more painful.

nhức răng kiêng ăn gì
Avoid starchy foods when you have a toothache.

Foods containing a lot of acid when eaten will make you feel very sorry. In addition, it also causes the wound to become sore and easy to spread to surrounding areas.

1.2. What to eat for toothache? – Avoid eating hot and spicy foods

Limiting hot spicy foods when toothache is definitely something everyone knows. But why do it?

sâu răng nên kiêng ăn gìLimit eating hot and spicy foods when you have a toothacheHot spicy foods have a great effect on your wound. They cause irritation to the gums and cause more damage to the gums. Therefore, when you have a toothache, it is best to limit spicy foods and if possible, set aside a period of time.

1.3. Do not drink carbonated water

One of the first drinks to avoid when having a toothache is carbonated drinks. Inside the composition of carbonated drinks contains a lot of sugar and acid. As shared above, this is the cause of tartar.

bị đau răng nên kiêng ăn gìAbsolutely avoid carbonated water when having a toothacheBesides, using carbonated water regularly will wear down the enamel layer. This causes the teeth to gradually lose their protection and become more susceptible to damage. Therefore, you need to minimize the intake of carbonated water in all cases.

1.4. Eating ice cream affects the benefits

Ice cream is a cold food and contains a lot of sugar. These two factors combine to make your teeth more sensitive and more susceptible to pain.

kiêng thực phẩm gì khi đau răng

When teeth are sensitive, foods that are too hot and too cold will be extremely affected. So, when you have a toothache, it’s best to limit your intake of ice cream.

1.5. Marshmallows and hard candies make tooth infections worse

Skip candy like lollipops or lozenges if you have a toothache. They will make your oral condition worse and can even chip your teeth.

nhức răng nên hạn chế ăn gìMarshmallows are more prone to teeth grindingIn addition, marshmallows should also be avoided. Of course, the inside of the marshmallows will always have sugar, combined with that, they are easy to get stuck in the teeth. This will irritate the nerve in the tooth and greatly affect the enamel.

1.6. Fruits with a sour taste

What to eat for toothache? Fruits such as pineapple, grapefruit, lemon .. are all fruits with high acid content. High acid content will cause enamel wear and tooth examination to become more sensitive, especially in case of toothache.

đau nhức răng không nên ăn gìAbsolutely limit sour fruitsIn addition, the acid will make the wound sore, sore and more difficult to heal. Therefore, if you are suffering from toothache, avoid sour fruits so that this pain can be easily controlled.

1.7. Tomatoes make teeth more sensitive

Everyone knows that the inside of tomatoes contains a large amount of vitamin C, which is especially beneficial for health. However, in addition to their large vitamin C content, they also contain high levels of acids. Therefore, if you are experiencing toothache, you should avoid eating tomatoes.

đau răng nên hạn chế ăn gìTomatoes also contain high levels of acidNote: The use of raw tomatoes or ripe tomatoes affects the sensitivity of teeth.

1.8. Don’t drink hot coffee

Not only cold food causes damage to teeth, but hot food will also be extremely damaging to teeth. Coffee is one of the foods that are always recommended not to be used when teeth are damaged or when undergoing oral treatment. Therefore, it is best to limit your coffee consumption, especially hot coffee.

bị đau răng nên hạn chế ăn gìCoffee is not recommended to use because it affects teethIn case you are someone who needs to use coffee every day, you should add milk to your coffee instead of sugar. This will reduce the heat of the coffee as well as its acidity.

1.9. Abstain from eating tough meats, because it is easy to get infected with teeth and stimulate bacteria production

Meats such as buffalo, beef, and chicken are all extremely good foods for the body. They bring the effect of strengthening tendons, beneficial gas, nourishing blood, … However, when your teeth hurt, they make your teeth even worse.

đau nhức răng nên kiêng ăn gìAvoid eating too tough meat because it will easily get stuck between your teeth and breed bacteriaThese foods have a fibrous skin texture, so they will easily get caught in the teeth making it difficult to clean. As a result, it facilitates the formation of plaque. Since then, the infected area becomes very painful.

1.10. Abstain from foods that easily dry out the mouth, making the disease take longer to heal

đau răng nên kiêng ăn gìWhat to eat for toothache? Avoid eating foods that are too drySaliva not only carries the task of keeping moisture in the oral cavity, but it also has the ability to protect the teeth and gums from the attack of bacteria. Therefore, when you have a toothache, using foods that reduce saliva production such as coffee, fried or greasy foods, it will make the pain worse.

2. What to do when you have a toothache?

2.1 Eat foods that are soft, thin, and easy to digest

When you have a toothache, you should consider choosing foods that meet two criteria: easy to digest and rich in nutrients. Dr. Salt would like to suggest you a few foods to use when having a toothache:

  • Yogurt, cheese and milk of all kinds
  • Hot, thin soup
  • Custard or pudding
  • Minced meat
  • Sea fish: Tuna and salmon
  • Fruit and vegetable smoothies

2.2. Use salt water to gargle Dr.Salt to cure toothache

When you have a toothache, you can add mouthwash to improve the pain. Mouthwash will work to clean the bacteria inside your mouth and soothe your wound.

Dr. Salt mouthwash effectively cures toothache

Dr.Muối The product is made from completely natural sea salt with many minerals good for teeth such as Ca, K, Mg… Besides, the water is treated by water purification process. Strictly come from Italy and America. Therefore, customers can rest assured when using it.

hạn chế ăn gì khi nhức răngUse salt water mouthwash to effectively treat toothacheWe hope that the above article has answered your questions about toothache and what to eat for your reference. If you are interested in the product of Doctor Salt mouthwash to treat toothache, you can immediately visit the website:

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